How to find & use the GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest

How to find & use the GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest
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Sons of the Forest places you on a big island that can be easy to get lost in, but by using in-game mechanics like the GPS Locators, you can keep track of key areas like caves and more.

Cannibals aren't the only enemy in the game, as both the elements and your sense of direction are major threats to survival - so to ensure you never get lost, here's exactly how to use GPS Locators.

Where can you find the GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest?

GPS Locators are often found on the bodies of dead crewmates around the island. They are represented by a purple exclamation mark on the map, as pictured below.

Often there will be other useful items on the bodies like upgrade attachments and weapons, so seeking out these dead crewmates is vital.

A GPS Locator in Sons of the Forest
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How to use GPS Locators

To equip a collected GPS Locator, do the following:

  • Press I to enter your inventory
  • Click on the orange supply case on the left
  • Select a GPS Locator

Once the GPS Locator is in your hand, you can left-click the mouse to change the icon. This means that once you place it in a location, the icon will then appear on your GPS.

If you then want to use the locator as a way of marking an area on the map, follow the process below:

  • Equip a stick into your hand
  • Right-click on the mouse and put the stick into the ground
  • Equip the GPS Locator again
  • Place the locator onto the stick

Now if you use the map, you can see a new marker where you placed the locator.

How to track Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia in Sons of the Forest
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If you need to keep track of Virginia and ensure you don't lose her on the island, you can give her a GPS Locator directly.

You can do this by walking up to her after she's made home at your camp. You'll then want to interact with her, and then place the GPS Locator into her inventory.

With that done, you can now see her on the map from wherever you are on the island.

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