How to age up Infants to Toddlers in The Sims 4 & age up cheat

How to age up Infants to Toddlers in The Sims 4 & age up cheat
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Aside from the Infant milestones included in The Sims 4's Growing Together Expansion Pack, there isn't a huge amount of gameplay revolving around them, so I wouldn't blame you if you want to skip to the next life stage quickly.

Below, I'll break down exactly how you can age up your Infants to Toddlers or other life stages in the game, both through gameplay and with the age-up cheat.

Ageing up Infants into Toddlers without cheats

Infant Sims operate like any other life stage, with Newborns being the only one which can be 'aged up' simply by clicking on them.

This means that if you want to age up your Infant Sim without cheats, you'll need to bake them a cake! Yep, you heard that right:

  • You can make a cake by clicking on a fridge or stove in your kitchen and selecting the option to 'cook' a dish
  • Pick any cake that you're able to bake (the honey cake is a personal favourite - looks delicious)
  • Once it's cooked, place birthday candles on it before Sims have the chance to take a piece 
    • You cannot add candles to a cake with a slice already taken from it
  • Click on the cake and select 'Add Birthday Candles', which will cost 10 Simoleons
  • Select the cake again and choose 'Help Blow Out Candles...'
  • This will bring up a list of Sims in the household that are eligible to be aged up
  • Select the Infant you wish to age up

The help blow out candles interaction in the sims 4
Click to enlarge

Your Sim will now pick them up, carry them to the cake, help them blow out the candles, and that's it! Your Infant will now age up like any other Sim.

How to age up Sims with cheats in The Sims 4

If you'd rather avoid any possible baking disasters (this isn't the Great British Bake Off, after all) you can use cheats to age up your Infants instead by entering CAS. To do so, simply bring up the command box by pressing the following:

  • PC users: CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • Mac users: Command + Shift + C
  • Console players: Press all four triggers

When the box pops up in the top-left corner, type 'testingcheats enabled' to turn on cheats in your game. Then, input this code: cas.fulleditmode

Image of an Infant in The Sims 4 in CAS
Click to enlarge

Following that, hold Shift and left-click on a Sim in your household, then select the option to 'Modify in CAS'. This will take you to the full version of CAS where you can fully edit your Sims, including tweaking their ages as shown above (except for Newborns, of course.)

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Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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