The Sims 4 Doctor diagnosis list of illnesses, symptoms & treatments

The Sims 4 Doctor diagnosis list of illnesses, symptoms & treatments
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The Sims 4's Get To Work Expansion Pack introduces three new interactive careers for your Sims, one of which is the Doctor career, where you'll need to diagnose and care for patients.

One of the daily tasks of the Doctor career in the game is to diagnose illnesses and treat your patients, but you'll need to choose the right one to successfully help a Sim correctly - and we've got a list of the symptoms and treatments to help you on the way.

All illnesses, symptoms & treatments for The Sims 4 Doctor career

When a poorly Sim admits themselves to a hospital, there are a fair few different illnesses that can show up, with plenty of different symptoms to boot. 

Here are all the ones to reach out for, alongside the treatments available to a Sim:




Bloaty Head

  • Headache (the patient will rub their head)
  • A faint red circle may show around their head
  • Steam may come out of their ears

Give the patient a shot

Burning Belly

  • Sims may rub their bellies
  • Steam may have come out of their eats
  • A thought bubble may display showing a pink bottle 



  • Sims will have idle animations of laughter and farting
  • Sims may rub their bellies
  • May wipe their brow
  • A thermometer may show up in a thought bubble
  • Tiger stripe rash


Itchy Plumbob
  • Sims may laugh
  • Sims may with themselves
  • Rash of either stripes or spots


Llama Flu
  • Orange or green spots on the patient's body
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing


Starry Eyes

  • Flashing stars circling their heads
  • A rash in the form of swirls on their bodies
  • Sims may grasp at the air around them


Sweaty Shivers

  • Steam may come out of their ears
  • Orange or green spots on the patient's body
  • Itchiness (A Sim may scratch themselves)
  • A thermometer may show up in a thought bubble


Triple Threat

  • Sims may appear dizzy with stars above the head
  • Sneezing 
  • Coughing
  • Itchiness
  • Any type of rash


Tips for correctly diagnosing a Sim

As shown above, when diagnosing a Sim, it's worth noting that observing their idle animations is also crucial to help with correctly diagnosing them - and we'd recommend playing at the slowest speed to do so correctly.

Swabbing a patient in The Sims 4
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Additionally, you can also narrow down the possible illnesses it can be by taking swab samples and asking the patients to perform tests, which will reduce the possible diagnoses you can choose from in the Doctor pie menu.

Using these methods along with the above table will help you on your way to correctly diagnosing a Sim.

What is the Doctor Career?

The Doctor career is one of the active careers that came with The Sims 4: Get To Work, which allows players to follow their Sims to work and play through the career with the Sim, rather than them simply disappearing off-screen for their workday as is the case with others.

Image of a pie menu for The Sims 4
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The early stages of the Doctor career will require you to research and check patients into the facility, as it isn’t until level three that you'll start examining patients to treat their ailments.

While misdiagnosing a patient can severely lower your work performance, you can pass your findings along to a senior Doctor during the mid-levels of the career to prevent this. By the time you progress into the upper ranks, you should be able to self-identify illnesses based on the distinct symptoms they present.

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That's all there is to know about diagnosing illnesses as a Doctor, but be sure to check out our homepage for The Sims for all of the latest guides, like a list of cheats for Toddlers, Discover University, and Vampires.

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