Does Redfall have New Game Plus?

Does Redfall have New Game Plus?
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5th May 2023 16:51

While Redfall may not be the best game to release in 2023 until now, there's no doubt it has a decent player base who enjoy playing the game despite its shortcomings. For those Redfall players, knowing whether the game offers a New Game Plus mode is a must.

Keep reading our guide as we answer whether there is a New Game Plus in Redfall while discussing if you can complete activities, side quests and such things after completing the main story.

Is there New Game Plus in Redfall?

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The short answer is yes, there is a New Game Plus mode in Redfall which you are forced into right after you complete the game's story. Upon completing Redfall, you are moved to the start of the game with all your level-ups, upgrades, and unlocks.

Unlike most games that give you different options for starting a New Game Plus, Redfall just directly puts you in a new game, overwriting your existing save file.

You may be wondering what about the pending activities and quests you've still got left over after finishing Redfall. You cannot tackle them after completing the game as you are forced into a New Game Plus. So, make sure to complete all pending quests and activities before proceeding with the last few final quests. 

If you have already completed Redfall, you must replay the game to tackle the content that you didn't manage to finish in your first run. The game doesn't offer any options that allow you to go back to the end game after finishing the story.

While Redfall's implementation of the New Game Plus mode may not be the best, it is what it is. So if you are a completionist, it is recommended to plan out your playthrough accordingly.

That concludes our guide on whether Redfall offers a New Game Plus mode or not. For more on Redfall, keep reading GGRecon. 

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