What are Underboss Skulls & how to get them in Redfall

What are Underboss Skulls & how to get them in Redfall
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4th May 2023 11:24

Underboss Skulls are some of the most important items you'll need to collect throughout the game. Redfall is a game ultimately about removing the vampire threat that plagues the island, and to do so you need to take down the Vampire Gods.

Underboss Skulls play a crucial role in that, and you'll spend a decent chunk of the game chasing them down. Here is everything you need to know about Redfall Underboss Skulls.

How to get Underboss Skulls

Underboss Skulls are acquired by defeating Vampire Underbosses. In order to find a Vampire Underboss, you need to clear out a neighborhood.

Redfall Underboss Skulls used to open a Vampire God door
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The first step is finding a safehouse, which you'll come across as you explore the city. Each neighborhood has a safe house, and to unlock it you need to restore the power.

The method is the same for each safe house but the process is different. Find the lights beside the entrance, then follow the wires to the generator. Start the generator to get the power going, then head inside.

Each safe house gives you two missions - the first is a specific objective and the second is to hunt down the Vampire Underboss of the area.

Complete the first mission to unlock the second, then go kill the Underboss. When you do, be sure to check the boss remains to pick up the Underboss Skull.

What are Underboss Skulls for?

Underboss Skulls are used to open the doors to the Vampire Gods. These are the main story bosses of the game, and by completing the main missions you'll eventually find the door. You need an item acquired through the story, but you also need three Vampire Underboss skulls to unlock the door.

Fighting the Shadetree Killer to get a Redfall Underboss Skull
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Although it seems like clearing neighborhoods is a side activity, doing so is in fact crucial to progressing through the game. You can tackle them in any order, just know that if you power through the story missions you will eventually need to go stock up on Vampire Underboss skulls.

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