Redfall Jacob Boyer: Abilities & backstory

Redfall Jacob Boyer: Abilities & backstory
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4th May 2023 15:32

Redfall's Jacob Hoyer is one of the four original characters you can play as in the game. Redfall characters each have their own unique abilities and backstory that brought them to the island. Jacob Hoyer is the game's military sniper with a magical eye. Here is everything you need to know about the abilities and backstory of Jacob Hoyer in Redfall.

Redfall Jacob Hoyer: Abilities

Jacob's ability screen at the start of Redfall
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Each Redfall character has two regular abilities on cooldowns and an ultimate ability that requires psychic energy. Jacob's abilities focus on stealth, detection, and precision.

The first ability for Jacob is Raven, a ghostly bird that Jacob can command. It can be sent forward to scout for enemies, marking them on your HUD. Or, you can hold the button to have the Raven scout for enemies in your vicinity.

His second ability is Cloak. Jacob can turn invisible for a short period of time, allowing him to sneak past enemies. You can only shoot a certain amount of times while cloaked before the cloak is removed, so be careful with your shots.

His ultimate ability is Heartstopper. This summons a spectral sniper rifle, which locks onto enemies and does huge amounts of damage. It fires five shots and is basically a guaranteed kill on regular enemies.

Redfall Jacob Hoyer: Backstory

Jacob telling the story of how he came to Redfall
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Jacob Hoyer is a former Special Forces sniper who has turned mercenary. While working for Bellwether Security, Jacob was assigned to a mysterious mission on the island of Redfall. 

After the vampire outbreak, Jacob had a run-in with one of the self-proclaimed Vampire Gods. This encounter left Jacob with a vampiric eye and a spectral raven as a companion. Rather than succumb to control or death, Jacob used his newfound abilities to fight back.

Now alongside some other survivors, Jacob is determined to rid Redfall of the vampire menace and get even with the Vampire God that swapped out his eye. 

That is it for Redfall's Jacob Hoyer, the combat engineer with a robotic best friend. For more on the game, check out our Redfall Devinder Crousley abilities and backstory guide.

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