Redfall Nest modifiers: What they are & what they do

Redfall Nest modifiers: What they are & what they do
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Hritwik Raj


5th May 2023 16:31

The stronghold-like Vampire Nests in Redfall feature a number of different modifiers that change the gameplay experience. If you don't know, Vampire Nests are procedurally generated dungeons/strongholds in Redfall that provide unique experiences while making the activity feel fresh for every other player. 

What makes Redfall's Vampire Nests a unique experience is their random modifiers that become active as soon as you enter a nest. Keep reading our guide as we talk about all the nest modifiers in Redfall and what they mean.

All nest modifers in Redfall

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When writing this guide, we found around seven modifiers that come into play whenever you enter the procedurally generated Vampire Nests in Redfall to make them a challenging unique experience.

That said, here are the different Vampire Nest modifiers in Redfall:

  • Elite modifier: When a Vampire Nest has an Elite modifier, you will find more elite category enemies in the nest. 
  • Blood Trance: The Blood Trance is a sensory modifier, as when this modifier is active, all vampires in the nest are linked to one another. This means that alerting one will alert them all. 
  • Heart Guardian: The Heart Guardian modifier spawns a heart inside the vampire nest, which is guarded by a formidable foe. 
  • Darkness: When a Vampire Nest has the Darkness modifier active, you will have limited vision. 
  • Fire: As the name suggests, the Fire modifier in Vampire Nest adds fire at random places, blocking routes and more. 
  • Watcher: The Watcher modifier means the Vampire Nest has Watcher category vampires who have farsight and can spot you from a distance.
  • Death Mist: The Death Mist modifier is somewhat similar to the Fire modifier. Instead of fire, we have Death Mist Spewers that block some of the routes inside the nest. 

That's it for all of the modifiers in Redfall. For more Redfall guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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