Redfall Layla Ellison: Abilities & backstory

Redfall Layla Ellison: Abilities & backstory
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Redfall's Layla Ellison is one of the four original characters you can play as in the game. Redfall characters each have their own unique abilities and backstory that brought them to the island. Layla Ellison is the game's biomedical student caught up in a wild experiment. Here is everything you need to know about the abilities and backstory of Layla Ellison in Redfall.

Redfall Layla Ellison: Abilities

Layla's ability screen at the start of Redfall
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Each Redfall character has two regular abilities on cooldowns and an ultimate ability that requires psychic energy. Layla's abilities focus on her newly-born psychic abilities.

The first ability for Layla is Umbrella, where she creates a psychic projection in the shape of an umbrella. This can be used as a shield to block and deflect bullets. It can then be exploded outwards, knocking enemies back and dealing damage

Her second ability is Lift. Layla creates a psychic elevator at a designated point. Stepping into the elevator will launch the player into the air. This is ideal for getting onto rooftops and other high places. The Lift can also be used by teammates, so everyone can get high together.

Her ultimate ability is Vampire Ex-Boyfriend. She summons Jason, her ex-boyfriend who has been turned into a vampire. Jason will appear and fight alongside you for a certain period of time. Ideal for solo play, but always useful to add another person to your side.

Redfall Layla Ellison: Backstory

Layla telling the story of how she came to Redfall
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Layla Ellison is a biomedical engineering student who moved to Redfall to study. In order to pay for her tuition, Layla signed up for medical tests conducted by Aevum Therapeutics. Little could she know, Aevum was conducting experiments to attempt to create vampires.

While many of Aevum's test subjects suffered much worse fates, Layla survived the ordeal. For one reason or another, Layla gained many of the psychic abilities of a vampire, without becoming one herself.

After a vampire attack which claimed the life of her ex, Layla attempted to flee the island, only to end up stranded like the others.

That is it for Redfall's Layla Ellison, the combat engineer with a robotic best friend. For more on the game, check out our Redfall Remi De La Rosa abilities and backstory guide.

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