Redfall Remi De La Rosa: Abilities & backstory

Redfall Remi De La Rosa: Abilities & backstory
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4th May 2023 15:24

Redfall's Remi De La Rosa is one of the four original characters you can play as in the game. Redfall characters each have their own unique abilities and backstory that brought them to the island. Remi De La Rosa is the game's engineer with a flair for building robots. Here is everything you need to know about the abilities and backstory of Remi De La Rosa in Redfall.

Redfall Remi De La Rosa: Abilities

Remi's ability screen at the start of Redfall
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Each Redfall character has two regular abilities on cooldowns and an ultimate ability that requires psychic energy. Remi's abilities focus on two things, her engineering skills and her drive to protect others.

The first ability for Remi is Siren, which allows you to send her robot Bribón to a location, where he will activate a siren and attract enemies. This ability can be upgraded to last longer, reduce enemy defence, and even damage nearby enemies with electricity.

Her second ability is her C4 Charge. She can throw the charge a decent distance, it will stick to surfaces and enemies, and then you can press the button again to detonate it. This is best used on a group of enemies as it will stun them, and it can finish off a vampire without the need for a stake.

Her ultimate ability is Mobilize. This creates an area around Remi where allies are healed and even revived over time. This makes Remi great for team play, but it works well in a pinch while playing solo as well. Upgrades will also have the area appear around Bribón as well.

Redfall Remi De La Rosa: Backstory

Remi telling the story of how she came to Redfall
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Remi De La Rosa is a combat engineer who specialises in creating machines to help and rescue her teammates. She began working on machines and devices for the Coast Guard to aid in search and rescue missions, which is what brought her to Redfall.

Remi came to the island to train the local Coast Guard and equip them with new gear to improve their efficiency. Unfortunately, she arrived just before the vampires took over the island. She decided to stay and help as many people as she could, before taking the last ship off the island with the remaining survivors.

That ship did not make it very far before the vampires erected a wall of water around the island, stranding the ferry. Now Remi is forced to remain on the island, help who she can, and end the vampire threat.

That is it for Redfall's Remi De La Rosa, the combat engineer with a robotic best friend. For more on the game, check out our Redfall Jacob Boyer abilities and backstory guide.

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