Redfall Devinder Crousley: Abilities & backstory

Redfall Devinder Crousley: Abilities & backstory
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4th May 2023 15:35

Redfall's Devinder Crousley is one of the four original characters you can play as in the game. Redfall characters each have their own unique abilities and backstory that brought them to the island. Devinder Crousley is the game's cryptozoologist with a penchant for gadgets. Here is everything you need to know about the abilities and backstory of Devinder Crousley in Redfall.

Redfall Devinder Crousley: Abilities

Devinder's ability screen at the start of Redfall
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Each Redfall character has two regular abilities on cooldowns and an ultimate ability that requires psychic energy. Dev's abilities focus on his gadgets.

The first ability for Devinder is Arc Javelin. This is a spear that Devinder created, that can be thrown at enemies. When it sticks to the ground, it begins to electrocute all nearby enemies, stunning them and dealing damage. An excellent tool for controlling crowds and mowing them down.

His second ability is Translocate. Devinder has somehow managed to create a teleportation device. Throw the device to create a point you can translocate to, then press the button again to teleport. Teammates can also use the translocator to transport themselves.

His ultimate ability is the Blacklight. Devinder plants a large UV blacklight in the ground, dousing the area in UV rays. This can blind human enemies and petrify vampires, allowing you to shatter them instantly.

Redfall Devinder Crousley: Backstory

Devinder telling the story of how he came to Redfall
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Devinder Crousley is an author of books on the supernatural, a true believer who has struggled to find relevancy for his discoveries. Cut off from his wealthy family, he has funded his own research through his meagre book sales and by crafting his own equipment.

While at a book signing in the town of Redfall, Devinder suddenly finds himself at the centre of a vampire takeover. Luckily for him, he brought his equipment, which proves highly effective against the vampire threat.

Devinder groups up with the other survivors on the island to fight back against the undead horde, while also conducting his own research for his next book.

That is it for Redfall's Devinder Crousley, the combat engineer with a robotic best friend. For more on the game, check out our Redfall Layla Ellison abilities and backstory guide.

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