Is Redfall crossplay?

Is Redfall crossplay?
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Tarran Stockton


7th Mar 2023 12:36

You may want to know, is Redfall crossplay? Redfall is the latest title from developer Arkane Studios, who is famous for the Dishonored franchise and bringing elements of immersive sim design into AAA games.

This latest title switches things up a bit by going in a cooperative shooter, live service game direction, and with a new focus on multiplayer, many players are wondering if they can join up with friends on other platforms or storefronts.

So, take a look at our explainer of where there is Redfall crossplay support.

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Is Redfall crossplay?

Arkane has confirmed that there is complete support for Redfall crossplay, allowing players on Xbox Series X|S and PC to join up with each other. This is also the case for crossplay on the PC platform itself, allowing PC Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Games Store users to play with each other.

This news comes directly from the Redfall Twitter account (embedded above), where a community member asked whether Steam and Game Pass players can join each other's games. The answer from Arkane was pretty direct and clear, even confirming universal crossplay support with their response.

This is all part of an ongoing community Q and A that's allowed players to learn more about the title as we approach the May 2 release date.

There's no news yet on whether or not the game will feature cross-progression, which allows players to save their game and account on multiple platforms.

Due to crossplay being confirmed now, we assume cross-progression will get an announcement soon, and the feature makes a lot of sense due to Redfall being on Game Pass.

We'll also make sure to update this guide closer to release on how exactly crossplay works, and whether it can be toggled on or off.

That's all for our explainer of Redfall crossplay, and now you know the game is set to have the feature, allowing players on PC and Xbox to join up with each other.