All map icons in Redfall & what they mean

All map icons in Redfall & what they mean
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5th May 2023 16:39

If you are playing Redfall, you must know about all map icons and what they mean. It will help you tackle the different content offered in Redfall while aiding exploration. So, keep reading our guide as we list all the icons you will find on Redfall's map while explaining their exact purpose as you play the game.

All map icons in Redfall and what they mean

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Here are the different icons you can find on Redfall's map and what they signify:

  • Yellow icon: The yellow icon, or diamond icon, represents Redfall's main story quest and objectives. 
  • Pin icon: The pin icon on the Redfall map marks the location of historical and other vital sites that contribute towards the game's lore and setting.
  • Exclamation icon: The exclamation icon on the map denotes side quests. So if you want to power up before tackling the game's main story, make sure to check out the locations with exclamation marks to pick up the side quests.
  • House icon: The house icon on the map signifies all safe houses you can use as a base of operation. 
  • Blue arrow facing downwards: The bluish arrow facing downwards represents your custom waypoint/ping that you can make on the map.
  • Cross icon: The cross icon on the Redfall map denotes first aid points where you can heal your character and stock up health replenishing supplies and other such things.
  • Crashed helicopter icon: The crashed helicopter icon on Redfall's map signifies crash sites with valuable resources. 
  • Pistol: The pistol icon is for the armoury, from where you can get new weapons, ammo, and other lethal and non-lethal items that will come in handy against your fight with vampires. 
  • Star icon: The star icon is also used for side quests though these are for quests associated with the safe house. 
  • Sack icon: The sack icon on Redfall's map denotes items lost during fights. You can return to its location and retrieve the dropped items.
  • Door icon: The door icon with windows represents Vampire Nests. So, if you are looking for some challenges, you can always try to clear them out. 
  • Door with an arrow: The door icon with an arrow denotes exit points. 
  • Red padlock icon: It denotes inaccessible areas that you can access only after progressing the game to a certain point or completing the respective requirements. 

Apart from the above, Redfall also offers several landmark-based icons that represent the different locations available in the game. However, they are pretty much self-explanatory, as the lighthouse icon denotes the lighthouse's location, the gravestone indicates a cemetary, and so on.

That concludes our guide on all map icons in Redfall and what they mean. For more on Redfall, keep reading GGRecon. 

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