How to find the Ferry Deck key in Redfall

How to find the Ferry Deck key in Redfall
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3rd May 2023 17:33

Is the Redfall Ferry Deck Key eluding you too? Redfall has a lot of doors with hidden keys, and the first one is one of the trickiest. The Ferry Door Key is completely missable, but finding it will get you a handy shotgun to start the game with. Here is how to find the Redfall Ferry Deck Key, and how to use it.

Where is the Ferry Deck Key?

Redfall Ferry Deck Key location, below the deck through the hatch pictured
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The Ferry Deck Key is in a small room beside the main hold where the cars are. When you come to the door that requires the Ferry Deck Key, take the nearby stairs down into the hold. Duck under the large door to get outside, then go around the corner and back in through the door.

In this part of the hold, you can find a pistol in a car. Pick it up, then take the stairs back up the upper level. You will be back in the room with the door you need the key for, but directly opposite that door are windows out to the deck. Shoot or melee the window and go out onto the deck.

On your right, you will see an open hatch. Drop down into the small room, where you will find the Ferry Deck Key hanging in front of the door.

How to use the Ferry Deck Key

The door opened with the Ferry Deck Key, with the shotgun on the floor outside
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With the key in hand, head back up the stairs and use it to open the door. This leads out onto another portion of the ferry's deck. On the floor out here you will find a shotgun and some ammo, useful as you are about to encounter the first enemies of the game.

Go further ahead to drop down and escape the stranded ferry. This is not the only way to get off of the ship, but it is the only way to grab the shotgun early.

That is it for our Redfall Ferry Deck Key guide. For more on the game, check out our Redfall max level guide to learn about the maximum level your character can reach, and how to get there.

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