How to find the flash drive & safe in the PAYDAY 3 'Under the Surphaze' heist

How to find the flash drive & safe in the PAYDAY 3 'Under the Surphaze' heist
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Understandably, many PAYDAY 3 players struggle to find the flash drive and the safe in the Under the Surphaze Heist. Both the flash drive and the safe are key components of this PAYDAY 3 heist, so finding them is a necessity. If you're stuck, this primer will guide you on where to find the flash drive and the safe in the game's Under the Surphaze Heist.

Where to find the flash drive in the Under the Surphaze heis

The flash drive in the safe in the Under the Surphaze Heist in PAYDAY 3
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While the Surphaze Gallery is stocked with a variety of expensive paintings, the client is particularly interested in the Uma Ladette painting. To access the Uma Ladette painting, you will need a special USB Drive that you can find stashed away in a secret safe.

Where to find the safe in Under the Surphaze in PAYDAY 3

The manager's office in Under the Surphaze in PAYDAY 3
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The safe containing the flash drive is inside the manager's office. However, if you don't have a keen eye and explore the room entirely, you'll probably miss it. You can find the manager's office on the second floor of the Surphaze Gallery.

Check directly behind the manager's desk, and you will notice a suspicious-looking wood panel. Hover over the panel and interact with it to remove it, revealing the safe. Now, all you must do is unlock the safe, and you can steal the USB Drive and some money.

How to use the flash drive in Under the Surphaze in PAYDAY 3

Using the flash drive on the original Uma Ladette painting in PAYDAY 3
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After you get the flash drive out of the safe, check the manager's computer for an email with the subject line "Uma Paintings". This email will divulge which exhibitions in the art gallery have Uma Ladette paintings on display. 

There are two Uma Ladette paintings in the Surphaze Gallery, but the client wants you to swipe the original. To figure out which of the identical paintings is the original, you must use a spectrophotometer to scan the paintings.

Navigate the Surphaze Gallery until you come across the exhibitions containing the Uma Ladette paintings. Like any other painting in the gallery, you will need to first cut away the glass and the security bars from the display. Once you do that, use a spectrophotometer to identify if the painting is the true original by Uma Ladette!

If it's authentic, plug the flash drive in to disable the painting's security and take it. All that's left to do now is escape and collect your payout.

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