PAYDAY 3 'No Rest for the Wicked' stealth guide

PAYDAY 3 'No Rest for the Wicked' stealth guide
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Jack Roberts


25th Sep 2023 17:01


If you’re looking for some of the best ways to complete the No Rest for the Wicked Heist stealthily in PAYDAY 3, then we’re here to provide some handy tips to help you, from getting keycards to the best skills and guard locations.

PAYDAY 3 is just as fun when trying not to get caught as it is when you’ve got hordes of police descending upon your playable Heisters. No Rest for the Wicked is one of the first heists you’ll be completing, so learning it inside out will be helpful.

So, read on to find out how you can stealth your way through the No Rest for the Wicked heist in PAYDAY 3, and pick up some handy tips for the game along the way.

Where are the keycards in No Rest for the Wicked?

A red keycard on a guard's belt in PAYDAY 3
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You will need to collect the Red and Blue Keycards to access certain areas in the No Rest for the Wicked heist, and they are always jingling on the belts of guards (usually the ones behind the scenes on the ground and second floors).

While one will grant you access to the camera room, the other will give you access to the server so you can shut down power to the vault.

Where are the guards in No Rest for the Wicked?

A guard on patrol in PAYDAY 3
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Several guards are patrolling the bank in the PAYDAY 3 No Rest for the Wicked heist. Each one has the same route that you can learn, or, if you’ve masked up and brought a silencer, take them out and answer their radio to remove them from play.

We’ve broken down the locations of the guards in the bank for Normal difficulty. These may change as the difficulty gets higher:


Guard Numbers

Outdoor and Carpark


Public Area


Upper floor


Ground floor (back)


When masked up, you will also need to keep an eye on civilians, so be ready to shout them down and take them hostage if necessary.

Best tips to stealth 'No Rest for the Wicked' in PAYDAY 3

A silenced gun pointing at a pile of money in PAYDAY 3
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When starting in the No Rest for the Wicked heist in PAYDAY 3, there are a few early tips that will help you rob the bank with ease:

  • Close the blinds in the main lobby
  • Bring a silenced weapon
  • Unlock gates to the back outdoor area
  • Cut through some windows to open from the outside
  • Shoot/hack cameras

While you may not want to mask up straight away, getting the lay of the land is important, and these steps will reduce your chances of getting caught and open up some areas ready for plundering.

Best skills to stealth 'No Rest for the Wicked' in PAYDAY 3

A selection of skills to help you stealth in PAYDAY 3
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If you’ve leveled up enough to bring along some skills, your main focus should be on the Infiltrator and Hacker branches to help you unlock things faster, especially when you are in the vault and rushing to unlock all the deposit boxes.

So, we advise you to bring the following skills:



Appliance Breach

Activate lures from a distance as long as you have a line of sight.


As long as you have RUSH, you bag loot 50% faster.


Hack cameras to gain access to CCTV systems

Infiltrator (Aced)

Picking locks and killing enemies refresh RUSH. Whenever a guard begins to detect you, gain RUSH.


Tie up hostages 50% faster.

Quick Fingers

As long as you have RUSH, a successful lockpick will immediately pick the lock.

By following these tips, you will have made your way into the vault in no time and grabbed an enviable amount of loot in your first PAYDAY 3 heist.

That’s everything you need to start making some stealth plays in PAYDAY 3’s No Rest for the Wicked heist. With these tips, you won’t be seeing hordes of police or hulking Dozers descending on your location.

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