How to find the blue keycard & camers in PAYDAY 3

How to find the blue keycard & camers in PAYDAY 3
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24th Sep 2023 17:33


Discovering where to find and how to get the blue keycard in the Rock the Cradle Heist in PAYDAY 3 is critical to completing the heist successfully and in stealth, so we'll show you how to do just that along with various camera locations and more.

Unfortunately, this precious keycard is well protected, and you'll need to implement some clever tactics to acquire it in PAYDAY 3, especially if you don't want hordes of Shields and Dozers descending on your location.

So, if you're stuck aimlessly searching Rock the Cradle for the blue keycard in the cooperative first-person shooter from Starbreeze Studios, and want to tackle this mission using a stealth approach, then this is the guide for you.

Where to find the blue keycard in PAYDAY 3

The bouncer with the blue keycard outside of the VIP area in the Rock the Cradle Heist
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The blue keycard in the Rock the Cradle Heist is pinned to the backside of the bouncer situated to the right of the entrance to the VIP Club inside of the Neon Cradle.

When you enter the Neon Cradle, walk straight to the back of the nightclub and take a right when you get to the Neon Lounge Bar to find the blue keycard-equipped bouncer and the doorway to the VIP area.

How to get the blue keycard in PAYDAY 3

You can steal the blue keycard without getting spotted once you gain access to the VIP area in Rock the Cradle
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If you crouch down behind the bouncer with the blue keycard, you'll get a prompt to pick it up. However, it's not that simple because the other bouncer will be observing you closely. To snatch the blue keycard without getting detected, you must either create a distraction or gain access to the VIP area.

1. Break into Cassandra Rifkin's Office

To gain entry to the VIP Club, the first thing you want to do is head across the room and use a pin to open the Staff Only door to the left of the Neon Lounge Bar. Now, walk up the stairwell and sneak across to Cassandra Rifkin's office. Break into Cassandra Rifkin's Office, and you will receive instructions to hack Rifkin's phone.

2. Hack Rifkin's phone and download the digital key

Scan your surroundings, and you should be able to see Rifkin highlighted through the walls of the Neon Cradle nightclub. Go find Rifkin, and when no one's looking, interact with the phone on her backside to begin the hack. After that, you will need to stay close to Rifkin for a few seconds to download the digital key.

3. Scan the QR Code and take the blank VIP invitations from the display case in Rifkin's office

Once you hack Rifkin's phone, go back to her office and scan the QR Code to open the display case. Inside the display case, you will find some blank VIP invitations that you can grab.

4. Authenticate the VIP invitations

Your next stop is to locate an RFID writer. Find the RFID writer and place the blank VIP invitations on it to get them authenticated. When that's done, interact with the nearby laptop to finalise the authentication of the VIP invitations.

5. Enter the VIP area and steal the blue keycard from the bouncer

Complete this lengthy process, and you'll be able to trick the bouncers into allowing you inside the VIP area. After you get inside, you can crouch down and snag the blue keycard off the bouncer without raising any suspensions.

What does the blue keycard do in the 'Rock the Cradle' heist?

The electrical facility that you need the blue keycard to enter in the Rock the Cradle Heist
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The blue keycard allows you to access the electrical facility in the VIP area of Neon Cradle. You will need to get into this room to cut the power to the IT room. Without the blue keycard, you will have a difficult time beating the Rock the Cradle Heist using Stealth only.

If you're not sure where to look, locating the blue keycard in Rock the Cradle in PAYDAY 3 can be difficult, and getting your hands on the blue keycard without getting detected is even harder. But if you follow the strategy outlined in this primer, you can get the blue keycard and access pivotal rooms in the VIP area without disturbing nightclub goers or security.

Once this has been found, you're free to make your way to the IT room and get your hands on that sweet Crypto Wallet.

Where are the cameras in the 'Rock the Cradle' heist?

A camera starting to spot you in PAYDAY 3
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While the guards are certainly during the Rock the Cradle heist in PAYDAY 3, they are nothing compared to the camera placements that are dotted around the rooms.

For the most part, they can be found in the following areas:

  • In the upper area where an RFID Writer can be found
  • Outside Rifkin's office
  • In the back halls behind the scenes
  • In the rafters above the club
  • Kitchen area
  • Break area

To avoid these cameras without masking up, you're going to need to manoeuvre yourself around. However, this is easier said than done when some of the cameras are facing one another, leaving you little wiggle room.

By masking up, however, you can shoot out some of the cameras so that they will no longer be a problem. However, this limits the areas you can walk through. By masking up you can no longer walk through the club proper without being spotted by a civilian.

That's everything you need to start being stealthy in the Rock the Cradle heist in PAYDAY 3 and get your hands on that precious blue keycard. Now that you have, be sure to check out all the trophies and achievements you can get in PAYDAY 3.

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