How to defeat Shield enemies in PAYDAY 3

How to defeat Shield enemies in PAYDAY 3
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23rd Sep 2023 11:25

As you embark on your heists in PAYDAY 3, you’re bound to come across the Shield enemies, and we’re certain you will want to know how to beat them. We’re here to help you do just that.

As hoards of police descend on your location in PAYDAY 3, they’ll attempt to apprehend you by any means necessary, even calling in some unique enforcers to help get the job done. The Shields are one of these adversaries you will have to face.

So, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about Shields in PAYDAY 3 and just how to take them down in the game – so read on.

How to beat Shields in PAYDAY 3

There are two main ways for you to beat a Shield in PAYDAY 3, namely with grenades and shooting their glass weak point. If you also do manage to get behind them, be sure to attack as quickly as possible before they can turn around.

Throwing a grenade near them will knock them off balance, meaning they will have their shield to the side. With the enemy exposed, that is when you need to shoot.

A Shield with its back turned, exposing its weak point in PADYAY 3
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Additionally, to see you, the Shields have a small glass panel in their shield that can be easily broken. By shooting out that panel, you will be able to get a few headshots in and take them down quickly and efficiently.

You have a variety of weapons at your disposal so all you need to do is just make sure your aim is good.

What are Shields in PAYDAY 3?

The player fighting a Shield enemy in PAYDAY 3
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In PAYDAY 3, a Shield is a member of the authorities who uses a large riot shield (big surprise) to defend themselves against your attacks. They’ll even turn to face you if you try to get behind them, making them almost as hardy as Dozers.

The shields these enemies use will take a great deal of damage before you even start making a dent, which makes them particularly troublesome in a firefight as they defend their comrades. However, there are a few workarounds to taking a Shield down.

That’s everything you need to start taking down Shields in PAYDAY 3. With fewer Shields in your way, your heists should go a lot smoother. If you’re looking to get more out of PAYDAY 3, be sure to check out how to level up your Infamy fast.

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