PAYDAY 3 'Failed to fetch config data' issue: How to fix error

PAYDAY 3 'Failed to fetch config data' issue: How to fix error
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Ben Williams


25th Sep 2023 17:23

For an increasing number of players jumping in, the PAYDAY 3 'Failed to fetch config data' issue is causing frustration by preventing some from logging into the game.

As with any big game with technical issues on release or even well after, there are thankfully some fixes to try whilst developer Starbreeze Studios is trying to solve it in-house. 

All potential solutions players can try to fix the error are listed below - with restarting your game or unlinking your Nebula account and creating a new one to connect to the game instead so far being the most effective.

Nevertheless, it's ideal to also try out the additional fixes for this PAYDAY 3 issue if these main two solutions don't work.

  • Restart the game - being sure to fully close PAYDAY 3 first
  • Confirm the game is fully updated - otherwise, install the latest update
  • Use a VPN before logging in - if playing on PC
  • Remove your linked Nebula account - then start a new account on the Starbreeze website to link with the game instead
  • Verify Steam files - via the Properties section if playing the Steam port on PC

Alternatively, if none of the above solutions work since this is a server-based issue, the final fix of the 'Failed to fetch config data' issue will be to wait for Starbreeze to implement a fix on their side.

After announcing they were aware of the issue on the PAYDAY 3 X/Twitter, the developer has been active already in implementing a fix and stabilising matchmaking services. 

If you're still unable to log in properly in the meantime, it will still be worth giving the above fixes a try whilst Starbreeze are sorting a core solution on their side. 

That's everything you need to know about how to fix the PAYDAY 3 'Failed to fetch config data' error. 

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