How to customize your loadout in PAYDAY 3

How to customize your loadout in PAYDAY 3
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25th Sep 2023 13:58


You may be wondering how to customize your masks and weapons in PAYDAY 3 because looking good in a heist is almost as important as securing all the loot - so we’re here to show you how to get your hands on all the mask patterns and weapons charms.

Customizing your loadout in PAYDAY 3 allows players to stamp their own identity on their favorite playable heisters, and can even make them the envy of their fellow gang members if they have a mask that they haven’t unlocked yet.

So, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about customizing your loadout in PAYDAY 3, from your mask patterns to your weapons and how you can unlock more customization options in the game – so read on.

How do you customize your loadout in PAYDAY 3?

A custom loadout in PAYDAY 3
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To customize your masks and weapons in PAYDAY 3, you can unlock patterns, paint jobs, and charms to give your loadout that little extra shine.

While there is certainly a vast assortment of options, some of which you start with, you’re going to have to level up fast if you’re going to unlock even more of them to use. So, we’ve broken down all the levels below at which you can unlock these customization options.

All mask patterns in PAYDAY 3

Mask Patterns in PAYDAY 3
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Mask patterns in PAYDAY 3 can elevate your standard masks to new heights, by adorning them with unique patterns which can then be coloured with sprays.

Below, we’ve listed all the patterns available in the game, and the levels you can unlock more so you can get ready to make a splash.

More patterns below...

Mask Pattern

Unlock Level



Cry Me a River


Part Harlequin


X-ed Out



Level 10


Level 20

Just Say No

Level 44

Butterfly Effect

Level 63


Level 83

Mask Pattern

Unlock Level

Full Harlequin

Level 96

Pique Stripe

Level 108

Odd Skeptic

Level 118

Down to Clow

Level 129

Sinister Vibe

Level 140

All weapon charms in PAYDAY 3

A weapon charm in PAYDAY 3
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Alongside the mask patterns, you can also unlock weapon charms to decorate your weapons in PAYDAY 3. These charms may not offer much function, but they do look good waving around as you’re firing back at an army of law enforcement.

Below, we’ve listed all the charms available in the game, and the levels you can unlock more so you can have the perfect weapon decoration.

Weapon Charms

Unlock Level

The Slam



Level 13

Statue of Robbery

Level 22

Thicc Thug

Level 36

Drunken Cab

Level 54

Blue 52

Level 78

That’s everything you need to know about customising your masks and weapons in PAYDAY 3. With these customisation options, you’ll be the most stylish heister in the gang. Now that you look good, be sure to check out how to beat Dozers in PAYDAY 3.

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