How to research & equip new skills in PAYDAY 3

How to research & equip new skills in PAYDAY 3
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Skill points are an important aspect of PAYDAY 3 as they form an integral part of the progression system. Slowly improving your capabilities as a heister, earning more skill points and unlocking additional slots will be key to completing more heists, more quickly.

PAYDAY 3 can be an incredibly tricky game, with you needing to take out tricky enemies like Dozers and Shields in their droves. You can call in favors to make the process a little easier, but the best way to become more powerful is to max out your skill points in the game.

So, to learn more about the max number of skill points you can have in PAYDAY 3, as well as how you can earn more and equip them, keep reading.

How to research new skills in PAYDAY 3

Skills work a little differently in PAYDAY 3 to most other games, in that you first need to research a skill before you can equip it. To research a skill, highlight it in the skill tree and press the corresponding ‘Research’ button, depending on your platform.

You’ll need to research each skill point in order as you progress through the skill tree. Once you’ve selected a skill to research, you’ll now need to head into a game and earn some XP. The XP that you earn from completing a heist will then count towards the research progression of your chosen skill. After meeting the research requirement, you’ll be able to equip the skill.

How to equip and unequip skills in PAYDAY 3

You can only equip a new skill if have enough skill points to use

When you first start PAYDAY 3, you’ll only have three available skill points to equip at any one time. However, as you progress through the game and raise your infamy level, you’ll eventually unlock more skill points to be equipped simultaneously.

To equip a skill, head to the Skills tab in the Loadout menu. Then, select a skill from the tree that you’d like to equip.

If you don’t have enough skill points to use, you can unequip another skill at your leisure to use somewhere else.

What is the maximum number of skill points in PAYDAY 3?

The PAYDAY 3 loadout screen
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There are 105 different skills to unlock in PAYDAY 3, although the maximum number you can equip at the moment is 21.

PAYDAY 3 doesn’t make it clear at which levels you unlock new Skill Points, so be sure to return to the Skills menu in the loadout screen often. Once you reach level 100, you’ll unlock the maximum number of skill points.

That’s everything you need to know about the max skill points in PAYDAY 3, as well as how to earn and equip more of them.

If you’re having trouble with the PAYDAY 3 servers, we have a guide to help you through it. Alternatively, check out all the masks you can unlock in the game, as well as all the weapons. Give our PAYDAY 3 homepage a read for even more helpful guides.

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