PAYDAY 3 lockpicking: How to crack safes & pick locks in PD3

PAYDAY 3 lockpicking: How to crack safes & pick locks in PD3
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Jack Roberts


24th Sep 2023 11:12

In PAYDAY 3, you’re going to spend plenty of time cracking safes and picking locks to help you secure an enviable amount of loot during your heists, so we’re here to show you the easiest ways to do it.

Lock-picking has always been a staple in the PAYDAY series, especially when searching deposit boxes and getting into places you shouldn’t be. However, both this and safe cracking have been revamped with new actions to perform in the new game.

So, we’re here to teach you how to crack safes and pick locks like a pro in PAYDAY 3, so you can become the master of unlocking and secure yourself a hefty prize in the game.

How to pick locks in PAYDAY 3

A lockpicking minigame in PAYDAY 3
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To pick locks in PAYDAY 3, you’re going to need to have perfect timing to hit a skill check at the right time. In a method that is quite similar to Dead by Daylight’s skill checks when repairing generators, you’ll need to hit this sweet spot to increase the lockpicking progress.

If you miss the skill check, you will have to wait a few moments before the action resumes, leaving you open to being spotted by a guard or camera.

How to crack safes in PAYDAY 3

A successful safe crack in PAYDAY 3
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To crack safes in PAYDAY 3, you’re going to need to turn a dial to hit the right number three times. As you approach the correct number the safe dial will start to shake more violently. When it turns green, you’ve hit the right mark, so stop what you’re doing and let it move on to the next stage.

However, similarly to lockpicking, if you miss the number you’re aiming for, you’re going to need to start the process from the beginning and turn the dial all the way around again to get back to where you were. Again, this could waste precious seconds and leave you more open to getting spotted.

The best process for both these options is not to rush. Take your time in learning the skill checks and slowing down so that you can hit the correct number. Once you do, you’ll be getting into all the wrong places at the right time.

That’s everything you need to pick locks and crack safes in PAYDAY 3. With this information, you’ll go over your loot limit and fill your pockets in no time. While you’re here, be sure to check out how to defeat Dozers in PAYDAY 3.

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