How to unlock all the masks in PAYDAY 3

How to unlock all the masks in PAYDAY 3
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Jack Roberts


22nd Sep 2023 13:38

When embarking on your heists in PAYDAY 3, you may be wondering about the masks you can wear and how to unlock them all. So, we’re here to show you just that.

In PAYDAY 3, looking good is as important as selecting the right weapons for the perfect loadout. The masks in PAYDAY 3 give your character some flair and can strike fear into the hearts of the law.

So, we’re here to break down all the masks you can get in the game, as well as the necessary steps you need to take to unlock them all – so read on to find out.

How to unlock masks in PAYDAY 3

To unlock more masks in PAYDAY 3, you’re going to need to complete heists and level up fast to get your hands on a wider selection, and then purchase them from the Mask Designer.

A selection of masks you can unlock in PAYDAY 3
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When you first start playing PAYDAY 3, you will have several default masks. However, the more you play and increase your levels, the more you will unlock.

All masks in PAYDAY 3

The Big Bank Hoodlum mask in PAYDAY 3
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There is a vast assortment of masks in PAYDAY 3 that range from the macabre to the adorable. While most can be customised, others are already in a complete set.

Additionally, some masks can only be acquired, at the time of writing, as bonus content for different editions of PAYDAY 3.

Below, we’ve listed all the masks that will make up your outfit in PAYDAY 3 and the level you unlock them.

More masks below...


Unlock Level



Billy Ballistic




Edged Grin




Miss. Empty


Mr. Empty


Owl or Blade




More masks below...


Unlock Level



The OG


Le Fantôme

Level 5


Level 9

Deco 1925

Level 13

Masque De Fer

Level 19

Callous Cupid

Level 23


Level 33


Level 45


Unlock Level

The Kitty

Level 50

Dead Red

Level 57


Level 68

Seedy Sam

Level 75

The Capo

Level 82

Beaked Boss

Level 92

Dishonest Abe

Level 99

Customized Masks

More masks below...


Unlock Level


Level 101

Hardened Maiko

Level 106

Handy Smith

Level 111

Iron Kiss

Level 116

Pink Zebra

Level 121

Ballsy Almir

Level 126

Big Bank Hoodlum

Level 131

Beaked Red

Level 137

Tax Day Abe

Level 143


Unlock Level

Seasoned Capo

Level 149

Striped Sam

Level 150

If you’re looking for more shiny things to get, be sure to check out all the trophies and achievements you can collect in PAYDAY 3

That’s everything you need to know about all the masks in PAYDAY 3. As the game progresses, there may be some more additions to this list, so keep checking back for any added content. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the information you need on Telemetry in PAYDAY 3.

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