PAYDAY 3 Gold & Sharke stealth guide

PAYDAY 3 Gold & Sharke stealth guide
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In PAYDAY 3, you may be wondering about the best ways you can complete the Gold & Sharke heist in stealth, so we’re here to break down everything you will need to do so, from the location of guards, keycards, QR codes, and more.

While a bulk of PAYDAY 3 heists will result in an all-out gunfight between your playable heisters and the likes of Bulldozer police enforcers, there is always the stealthy approach to start with that could see you securing the bag without a single scratch.

So, we’re going to break down all your stealth needs for the Gold & Sharke bank heist so you can get in and out with a whole tonne of cash in the game.

Where are the guards in Gold & Sharke?

Pointing out a guard in PAYDAY 3
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In PAYDAY 3, when you’re sneaking around the halls of Gold & Sharke, you’ll have to avoid the various guards and cameras. It is a large bank, so you’re going to have to move quickly and quietly.

While they won’t do much in public areas (unless you’re doing something naughty) they’ll get suspicious if they find you skulking around private and secure areas.

The cameras will remain static, but the guards will have a regular patrol route. With Gold & Sharke having three floors and various rooms and back areas, we’ve broken down all the guard locations for you to help monitor their routes. These are based on the Normal difficulty setting. In higher difficulties, there may be more:

Guard Numbers



Upper Floor


Main Public Lobby


Camera Room




Inner Vault

While it may not seem like there are too many guards in Gold & Sharke, their patrol routes, alongside the threat of the cameras, can make things difficult when trying to complete tasks in stealth. Be sure to PING them to keep tabs on the direction they are facing.

Where is the Red keycard in Gold & Sharke?

The red keycard in PAYDAY 3
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As you progress through the Gold & Sharke heist in PAYDAY 3, you’ll find that you need to locate a Red Keycard to open the gates. After scouring the computers in human resources, you’ll find that the Key Card is in one of the offices. Usually, it is the Loan Officer’s office, but this could change with higher difficulties.

To get in, you will need a QR code (which we’ve detailed below). Once inside, you’ll either need to mask up to tie the civilian up or, if you’re sneaky enough, avoid his line of sight so you can search the papers and cabinets in the office and find the Red Keycard.

Where are the QR codes in Gold & Sharke?

A QR Code in PAYDAY 3
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As stated earlier, you’ll need some QR codes if you’re going to access certain secure areas in the Gold & Sharke heist in PAYDAY 3.

QR codes can be found on phones littered around the area. Below, we’ve listed some of the places we’ve found the QR codes:

  • Storage room near the Loan Officer room
  • Locker in the janitor's closet toward the back of the main
  • Van in the Garage
  • Behind the tellers in the main lobby

While some QR codes are optional, others will need to be used to open key areas like the Loan Officers office if you’re going to proceed stealthily.

Opening the Gold & Sharke Vault in PAYDAY 3

The key pad for the vault in PAYDAY 3
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Once you have made it to the upper floor, you’re going to need to perform several tasks if you’re going to open the vault. Firstly, you’ll need to find the code for the keypad to gain access to the area.

If you get close to the keypad, you will automatically have a UV light that will indicate the four digits by the fingerprints on the buttons. While you could keep guessing at it, the best thing to do is find the code by following the objectives.

Once inside, you will have to disable the Vault’s lasers by flipping the switches in the correct order. To do so, you’ll need to match the corresponding colours with each switch box.

After this is done, the last thing you will need is the signal from the Manager’s Office. To get inside, you will need to find the Blue Keycard, which can either be on a bank employee or guard, or a desk on the upper floors.

When you have access to the PC, use it to open the vault and start grabbing your duffle bags to shovel the cash and server in.

Escaping Gold & Sharke in PAYDAY 3

A big stack of money in the vault of Gold & Sharke in PAYDAY 3
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Now that you’ve got your bags of loot, you’re going to need to head down to the parking garage where the van will eventually be waiting to be loaded up with all your loot.

With certain favours, you can use the lifts in the bank so that you can start transporting your bags down much faster. Otherwise, it’s the manual way of going back and forth until you’ve secured everything.

That’s everything you need to get started in completing a stealth run of the Gold & Sharke heist in PAYDAY 3. With this info in mind, you may not even have to mask up. Be sure to check out how to take down Shields in PAYDAY 3 to help make your heists run even smoother.

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