How to defeat Bulldozers in PAYDAY 3

How to defeat Bulldozers in PAYDAY 3
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23rd Sep 2023 10:53

As you embark on many a heist in PAYDAY 3, you’ll come across the notorious Dozer, and we’re sure you will want to know how to defeat the Bulldozers when you face them. Thankfully, we’re here to help you do just that.

Heists in PAYDAY 3 can range from silent and stealthy to an all-out massacre as hordes of police descend upon your location in their attempt to apprehend you. And the Bulldozer enemy will definitely be one of your biggest adversaries.

Here, we’re going to go over what a Dozer is in PAYDAY 3 and just how to take them down in the game – so read on.

How to defeat Dozers in PAYDAY 3

To beat Dozers in PAYDAY 3, the best thing you can do is aim for the head to shoot off their mask and get in close to them so you can secure the shot.

The body armor of a Dozer is near-impenetrable, but in aiming for the head, you have a better chance of securing the kill. Shooting their mask off weakens them significantly and makes them susceptible to heavy damage.

With all your weapons to choose from, we would advise using a shotgun at close range so you can reduce the spread and deliver a mighty blow. However, if the idea of getting close to a Dozer is too intimidating, sniping their heads with a marksman weapon is also pretty viable.

What is a Dozer in PAYDAY 3?

A Bulldozer enemy in PAYDAY 3
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In PAYDAY 3, a Dozer (short for Bulldozer) is a hulking member of the authorities, covered in body armour and wielding an oversized machine gun. They usually arrive on the scene a few waves into a siege, and could even be considered the most formidable threats you will face.

The Dozers have been a staple of the PAYDAY series since the very first game, and they have not got any easier to defeat, so read on for some handy tips on how to take down a brutal Bulldozer.

That’s everything you need to start taking down Dozers in PAYDAY 3. With them out of the way, your heists should go a lot smoother. If you’re looking to get more out of PAYDAY 3, be sure to check out how to level up your Infamy fast.

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