PAYDAY 3 Offline mode: Can you play PD3 single-player offline?

PAYDAY 3 Offline mode: Can you play PD3 single-player offline?
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26th Sep 2023 12:32

You’re probably wondering, is PAYDAY 3 offline or single-player? Well, look no further as we explore if PAYDAY 3 has any offline features in addition to its online heists.

PAYDAY 3 has you embarking on a series of heists with your friends as you try and secure the most amount of loot possible, and an offline mode could help with that. While some missions are better at taking a stealthy approach, sometimes going loud and fighting off hordes of Dozers is the way to go.

Whilst the first two instalments of the franchise had both single and multiplayer content, as well as an online presence, we’re here to break down whether or not PAYDAY 3 has the same single-player elements and if the game can be played offline - so read on.

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Does PAYDAY 3 have a single-player?

Screenshot of Dalls, Chains, Wolf and Hoxton under fire in PAYDAY 3
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The short answer is yes, PAYDAY 3 does have single-player content, however, it is somewhat limited. While it can be more fun to squad up with your friends to embark on heists, various missions can be played alone with bot companions to help you along the way.

So, if you find yourself alone and need someone to revive you, you’ll have your trusty AI Dallas, Wolf, Hoxton and more to give you a helping hand. Just make sure to return the favour by securing the bag as quickly (and quietly) as possible to avoid any unnecessary violence.

Can you play PAYDAY 3 offline?

As of writing, PAYDAY 3 cannot be played offline and does not have any form of offline mode. Even when you're playing with your bots, an online connection is always required.

Unfortunately, this is an issue that has dogged the game since launch, with matchmaking issues and the Nebula Data Error becoming a reoccurring problem. This is to the extent that the CEO of Starbreeze, Tobias Sjögren, has said in a Tweet that the developers are looking into adding an offline mode.

PAYDAY 3 matchmaking error screen
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We've encountered lots of these issues ourselves, as the Matchmaking Error screen plagued much of our time in the review period.

So, while there isn't an offline mode in PAYDAY 3 for the moment, there may be one coming to the game sometime in the future.

That's everything you need to know about whether PAYDAY 3 has an offline mode. While you're waiting for the offline presence to be added to the game, be sure to enjoy the heists, and see if you can complete the No Rest for the Wicked heist in stealth in PAYDAY 3.

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