Payday 3 Heisters: Playable character cast & all voice actors

Payday 3 Heisters: Playable character cast & all voice actors
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21st Sep 2023 17:28

In PAYDAY 3, it is important to have a cast of Heisters to help you pull off the ultimate crime spree, so we’re here to break down all the playable characters you can choose from, as well as the voice cast for all the characters you'll meet along the way.

Despite starting small in the original title, the PAYDAY series has gone on to create a vast criminal empire, with more and more characters joining the roster. But how many will eventually join the PAYDAY 3 ranks?

Well, we’re here to list all the playable characters that will make up your fledgling criminal enterprise in PAYDAY 3, with all the Heisters broken down in the game – so read on.

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How many playable characters are in PAYDAY 3?

The masks of the four original characters (Wold, Dallas, Chains and Hoxton) in PAYDAY 3
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At the time of writing, there are 6 playable characters for you to choose from in PAYDAY 3. When the original PAYDAY: The Heist was released, it featured 4 characters that made up the primary PAYDAY gang.

By the time of PAYDAY 2’s final DLC, the playable character roster reached a huge 22 characters, including appearances from Scarface, John Wick and Jacket from Hotline Miami.

With the promise of plenty of post-launch content for a while to come, you can be certain that is number is sure to grow over time.

Who are the playable Heister characters in PAYDAY 3?

When embarking on a new heist in PAYDAY 3, you’ll be able to choose from the following characters:

  • Chains
  • Dallas
  • Hoxton
  • Joy
  • Pearl
  • Wolf

Dallas, Chains, Hoxton and Wolf are the original members of the PAYDAY Gang and have remained the frontrunners throughout the entire series.

While Joy is a returning character who was initially introduced with the release of the Nintendo Switch version of PAYDAY 2, Pearl is an entirely new character joining the gang.

Who is the voice cast of the PAYDAY 3 characters?

Joy and Wolf sneak through a car park in PAYDAY 3
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You can't have a team of expert video game Heisters without knowing who voiced them, and PAYDAY 3 boasts a talented cast of actors who make up the team. A large number have been with the series since the very first game.

Alongside the playable characters are several other omniscient characters who provide you with missions and keep you updated on your objectives, some of which may seem familiar.

More voice cast below...
Character Voice Actor Playable/Unplayable
Bile Doug Cockle Unplayable
Chains Damion Poitier Playable
Dallas Simon Kerr Playable
Gage Dash Mihok Unplayable
Hoxton Pete Gold Playable
Joy Siu-see Hung Playable
Mac Ice-T Unplayable
Pearl Rebecca LaChance Playable
Shade Kosha Engler Unplayable
Character Voice Actor Playable/Unplayable
Twitch Ronan Summers Unplayable
Wolf Nicklas Berglund Playable

That’s everything you need to know about all the Heisters in PAYDAY 3 who will be making up your playable character team. If you want to start making some goals for yourself, be sure to check out all the trophies and achievements in PAYDAY 3, so you can steal yourself a shiny Platinum trophy.

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