Midnight Suns Best Hunter Deck

Midnight Suns Best Hunter Deck
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Tarran Stockton


1st Dec 2022 16:35

You may want to check out our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Hunter deck, so you can create the most powerful protagonist possible for combat encounters. In Midnight Suns, every hero has a variety of cards that can be chosen to make up their deck, but none have more than the Hunter, giving players a lot of freedom for how they specialise them. So, if you want to look at our Midnight Suns best Hunter deck to get an idea of what to build, or to copy it, we've got you covered. 

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Midnight Suns Best Hunter Deck

Midnight Suns Best Hunter Deck
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For the most part, you'll be building the Hunter as a damage character, and while there are ways to make your Hunter more of a support or utility hero, it's much harder to make it work effectively. How you build your Hunter is also a little dependent on your alignment toward the dark or light, as this can affect the passives you can equip. Generally, you want to utilise Hunter abilities which have high damage and extra effects or debuffs, as this lets you combine with other heroes to great effect. 

Here's our recommended Hunter deck:

  • Last Sight+
  • Quick Slash+
  • Slash+
  • Fortify+
  • Mindbender+
  • All Out+
  • Bands of Fire+
  • Bladestorm+

Bladestorm+ is the powerhouse card of this deck and the most effective way to deal damage out to multiple targets. This is a legendary card that you can earn from Hunter's Midnight Sun challenge, and it allows you to deal damage and forceful knockback any enemy in a radius. Due to the knockback, you can often line it up and damage enemies outside the radius too, letting you knock out several enemies in one go. This is the best legendary for the Hunter by far, and the card you should be aiming toward building heroism for most of the time. 

This deck also makes use of other powerful knockback cards. Quick Slash+ is the standard quick card that allows you to get rid of enemies and keep your turn going, Slash+ is a slightly more powerful version, and you can mod it to give you a card draw so you keep your hand fresh. Finally, Bands of Fire is a strong heroic card that lets you knockback an enemy in any direction, drawing a card on KO. All these cards serve to keep your hand from running low, and will generally provide with a lot of options due to the importance of knockback abilities in the game. 

The final four cards cover the dark abilities, apart from Fortify+, which is a standard utility card for gaining a bunch of block and two counter. Last Sight+ is a very powerful dark card that lets you deal tonnes of damage, and also gain concealed if you kill the enemy, making it nearly impossible for you to be hurt during the enemies' next turn. All Out+ is another high-damage card, thought it does cause you to discard any dark cards, so be careful when you use it though. 

Lastly, there is Mindbender+, a magical card that lets you target an enemy and force them to attack a nearby ally twice. This is massively useful during boss fights, as you can target a villain and let them clear some enemies, or vice versa, by letting some hard-hitting enemy wail in the villain to bring their health down. 

This is just one example of how you can build a deck for the Hunter in Midnight Suns. Ours is certainly full of powerful cards that will allow you to clear out enemies consistently, but if you want to head in a different direction, don't be afraid to experiment with other cards. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Hunter deck, and now you have an idea of how to build a powerful deck for the Hunter that lets you clear enemies quickly and with ease. 

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