Lost Ark Volare Island | How To Get The Volare Island Token In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Volare Island | How To Get The Volare Island Token In Lost Ark
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14th Sep 2022 09:41

Lost Ark Volare Island is one of the game's cooperative islands that tests players abilities to work together in the name of earning a powerful collectible Island Token. Lost Ark's adventure islands only appear at certain times on a randomised schedule, meaning they attract the most players when they do appear, and often require you to take part in competitive or cooperative quests. You'll need to be ready for whenever one appears, so read on for the location and a breakdown of Lost Ark Volare Island. 

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Lost Ark Volare Island: How To Find Volare Island 

Lost Ark Volare Island location
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Volare Island is located in the southern gulf of the North Vern continent, located directly in the centre of the world map. It's best accessed by the nearby Port Krona to the east, and can be found just north of the Lost Ark Revelry Row island. Despite being in close proximity to a prominent early game location, you can access Volare Island until the end-game. 

It requires you to have gained access to the Lost Ark ships, and you'll need to have reached equipped item level 250, which is essentially the beginning of the end-game, meaning it's one of the better islands to start with in your Island Token collecting journey. You will have to wait until it's available though, as it's an adventure island. You can see when it spawns by checking your Procyon's Compass and locating the timer. 

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Lost Ark Volare Island Token

Lost Ark Volare Island  token
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Once you arrive at the island, a three-minute timer will begin that starts the cooperative quest. You'll need to speak to a quest giver who will be located on your map once it begins, and then afterward everyone's goal is to kill a bunch of crocodiles located in the centre of the island, 

They are trapped inside a pit and so you will need to use a series of cannons located around the island to kill them all. To do this, you and the other players will need to find cannonballs and harpoons around the island which will let you use the cannons for a short while and kill the crocodiles. Harpoons can just be found lying around, but you will need to take out demon clowns for the cannonballs. Cannonballs are stronger, so you should prioritise those to complete the quest quicker. 


Once all the crocs are dead, and you drop into the middle, you will get two Secret Chests of Volare, which have a chance of dropping the Volare Island Token when opened. Due to the RNG of these drops, you may have to repeat the island a few times. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to get the Lost Ark Volare Island Token, and now you know where to find the island and receive its token.

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