Lost Ark Super Express Event | How To Unlock Super Express Missions In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Super Express Event | How To Unlock Super Express Missions In Lost Ark
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22nd Apr 2022 14:12

The Lost Ark Super Express missions are a new feature in the latest update that dropped in April, allowing players to increase their equipped item level in a brand-new way. Lost Ark has a constant feed of content to take part in, and even once you hit the end-game, you're given ways to continue levelling and increase your power. If you're looking to take part in the Lost Ark Super Express event and missions then we've got you covered. 

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Lost Ark Super Express Missions Explained

Lost Ark Super Express missions
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The Super Express missions are a new way for players to progress through the end-game levelling at a quicker pace, as many have been complaining at how slow horizontal progression is. The end-game is made up of tiers of content that you unlock once you reach certain equipped item levels, with the usual process consisting of completing dungeons and extra quests for Lost Ark Harmony Shards.

However, the new Super Express event lets you take part in missions for extra rewards, meaning you can increase the rate in which you level massively. These missions can include finishing Una's Tasks, clearing dungeons, finishing Guardian Raids, and much more. They'll only be available until June 30 though, so you have a little over two months to make the most of this system and gain more levels. 


How To Unlock Lost Ark Super Express Missions

Lost Ark Super Express rewards
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Just log into the game with a character who has reached level 50, but hasn't surpassed equipped item level 1000. Once you're in the game, there will be a pop-up window that will prompt you to select a character to use for missions. It's important to note that once you have selected your character, they will be locked in, and you won't be able to change this. 

After choosing your character, a new screen will show up that lists the available missions and their rewards. You can just select the mission you want and upon finishing it, the rewards can be claimed from the mission screen. This can be accessed again by selecting the glowing present icon below the minimap. We suggest using a character that has a very low equipped item level to make the most of all the rewards you will earn from the Super Express missions.

That's our breakdown of how the new Lost Ark Super Express system, and now you know how to access the special missions so you can quickly gain equipped item levels.

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