Lost Ark Azure Wind Island: How To Get Island Token

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island: How To Get Island Token
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24th Feb 2022 19:27

The Lost Ark Azure Wind Island is becoming one of the most popular islands in the game, with players attempting to seek it out for its collectible Island Token.

There are a ridiculous amount of islands to explore in Lost Ark, with each one containing a plethora of rewards related to the unique island quests. If you need a primer on finding the Lost Ark Azure Wind Island and its Island Token, we've got you covered.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island: Where To Find The Island

The Lost Ark Azure Wind Island isn't too difficult to track down, but it's located in the middle of a Tempest Sea, which is hazardous water that causes damage to your ship while disabling its abilities. This means you may want to hold off on attempting the voyage there until you have access to one of the Lost Ark ships that has good protection against this type of environment. 

Lost Ark Wind Island map
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It's located on the very west side of the world map, on the fourth quadrant down. The Azure Wind Island is off the coast of the continent of Yorn, which is in the Arutus sea. Approaching it with your ship will allow you to dock and gain access to the island. 

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island: How To Get The Island Token

Lost Ark wind island island token
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To earn the Azure Wind Island Token, players will need to finish the quest called Buried in Flowers, but it requires a bit of work to reach. Firstly, you need to find a quest called The Meadow Fairy, which unlocks four more quests upon completion. These next quests require you to find four toy horses across the island that will challenge you to perform a task, which is either a timed sprint, puzzle, riddle, or music. Once all of these tasks have been finished, players will be allowed to access Buried in Flowers to get their Island Token. 


That's all for our walkthrough of the Lost Ark Azure Wind Island, and now you know where it's located and how to earn the Island Token.

There are many more Island Tokens to collect, for another check out our guide for Lost Ark Tooki Island and Lost Ark Revelry Row


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