Lost Ark Striker Builds: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE

Lost Ark Striker Builds: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE
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20th Jun 2022 11:47

Our Lost Ark Striker builds will allow you to excel in both PvP and PvE game modes, so you can make the most of the game's premiere fisticuffs martial artist character. There are many Lost Ark classes to choose from, but you'll want to make your choice based on the roles you prefer to inhabit, whether it be a damage-based character or a supporting one. So if you're looking for the best engravings, skills, and more for the Lost Ark Striker, read on. 

Lost Ark Striker Builds: What Is A Striker?

Lost Ark Striker character
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The Striker is a martial arts class that is male, as Lost Ark gates classes by gender - yeah it's kinda backwards. They are extremely adept at dealing high single-target damage and have great mobility for dodging attacks and getting into favourable positions on the battlefield. Strikers also have minor area of effect abilities that are useful in PvE for clearing groups quickly, but these aren't the class' speciality. 

The main draw of the Striker is their Esoteric Orbs, which are a set of three gauges that fill up as you deal damage to enemies. Strikers can spend these orbs to perform powerful Esoteric skills, which vary in terms of how many orbs they use. Managing your orbs and activating these skills at the right moments is key to the playstyle of Strikers.

Strikers have access to 17 skills during their levelling, with three of them being Esoteric skills that use the orbs. The Awakening skills, and most Engravings that can change the functions of the class, will come after level 50, during the end-game portion of Lost Ark. Another important part of Strikers is their passive property called Back Attack, which allows them to deal more damage with their basic attacks and skills while flanking an enemy. 

Lost Ark Striker Builds: Best PvE Skills

Lost Ark Striker pve
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When it comes to fighting AI-controlled enemies, Strikers will want to make use of their manoeuvrability to group them and finish them off with Esoteric skills. All your skills can be levelled up to level ten, and at levels four, seven, and ten, you can augment your skills with Tripods. These can slightly alter aspects of a skill, or change it up drastically, meaning you should pay attention to these when levelling skills, and try to get tripods for the skills you use the most. 

We've listed below the eight skills that we use for our Striker during PvE content, along with the Tripods that we augment them with. This build is slightly geared towards crit chance and increased crit damage, which you can build upon even more with gear that boosts both these stats.

  • Triple Fist - Fist of Darkness - Growth Attack - 5 Chain Fist
  • Moon Flash Kick - Intense Shock - Excellent Mobility - Full Moon Kick
  • Violent Tiger - Vital Point Strike - Down Strike - Howangah
  • Lightning Kick - Sharp Movement - Intense Shock - Heaven's Lightning
  • Spiral Impact - Wide Hit - Lucky Bubble - Meditation Blow
  • Sweeping Kick - Esoteric Extortion
  • Tiger Emerges - Quick Prep
  • Storm Dragon Awakening - Esoteric Extortion

Lost Ark Striker Builds: Best PvP Skills

Lost Ark Striker fist
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PvP works differently than PvE content, as all players get a bigger pool of points to use on developing their skills to create specific PvP presets. As a Striker, you will want to focus heavily on using crowd control and mobility skills, allowing you to stun enemies for other teammates to deal damage, and dodge any attacks that come your way. 


  • Lightning Kick - Sharp Movement - Intense Shock - Heaven's Lightning
  • Moon Flash Kick - Intense Shock - Excellent Mobility - Full Moon Kick
  • Storm Dragon Awakening - Esoteric Extortion - Easy Target - Fallen Flower Gak
  • Spiral Impact - Absorption Hit - Swift Fingers - Meditation Blow
  • Phoenix Advent - Wide Hit - Freeze Effect - Nimble Movement
  • Sleeping Ascent Celebration - Wide Hit - Quick Prep - Leaf Sweep
  • Swift Wind Kick - Water Round Kick - Wide Hit - Furious Spin Axis
  • Triple Fist - Fist of Darkness

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Lost Ark Striker Builds: Awakening Skills 

The Awakening Skills are end-game skills that you can unlock after finishing the main questline in Trixion. These skills act like ultimate abilities common in MOBAs and hero shooters, with high-cooldowns but incredibly powerful effects. All classes have access to two of these, but you can only equip one at a time - though changing between them just involves navigating to the skills menu. These are:

  • Nova Blast - Deals a multitude of quick strikes that deals huge burst damage, but cancels if the first attack misses.
  • True Heavenly Awakening - Performs two kicks in an arc that deals huge damage and launches enemies into the air. 

Both of these are very useful skills, but they range in utility depending on the situation. True Heavenly Awakening is easier to cast, as Nova Blast suffers if you can't land the first hit. You shouldn't have that issue against bosses and bigger enemies, which is where Nova Blast is extremely effective as you can stagger them. 

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Lost Ark Striker Builds: Engravings

Lost Ark Striker arms
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Engravings are another form of end-game customisation that lets you redefine or more specifically define what your class' role is during a fight through boosting certain stats and changing your functions. Playing through the main story until level 50 should reward you with a few of the lesser Engravings, as the more powerful ones aren't available until the end-game. 

The lesser Engravings are still useful in a variety of ways, though they range in their overall usefulness to the Striker class. These are:

  • Master of Ambush - Increases the damage of the Back Attack passive. A great passive way of increasing damage.
  • Spirit Absorption - Provides a speed boost to your attacks and movement. No downsides so always equip this if you find it.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon - Increase the damage of your critical hits, but can also reduce your non-critical attacks. More useful if you build around having a high crit chance.
  • Grudge - Increase your maximum damage output but increase the damage you receive. Only useful once maxed out, as the tradeoff can be detrimental.

The other types of Engravings act more like subclasses, changing how a Striker functions in fairly large ways. These are:

  • Esoteric Flurry - Reduces the cost of Esoteric skills to only use one orb while increasing their damage.
  • Death Blow - Increases the max amount of Esoteric orbs to four, but using one of these skills will deplete the orbs, dealing bonus damage based on the number of orbs consumed. 

The easier of these two Engravings is Esoteric Flurry, as it allows you to make use of your most powerful skills more frequently. Death Blow gives you more burst damage potential but missing one of the Esoteric skills can really set you back during a fight. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Lost Ark Striker builds, and now you know which skills are most useful for PvE and PvP content, along with the best Awakening skills and Engravings are for the class.

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