Lost Ark Sorceress Builds: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE
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3rd Mar 2022 16:13

The Lost Ark Sorceress is the best Mage subclass for damage dealing thanks to its explosive spells and burst attacks, making it a must-have for team compositions when raiding and doing dungeons. Lost Ark has many traditional and non-traditional fantasy classes, with the Sorceress fitting in as the standard magical combat expert, akin to a wizard or witch in similar games. So if you need a breakdown of the best Lost Ark Sorceress builds, including the best skills and engravings for PvP and PvE, read on. 

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Lost Ark Sorceress Builds: What Is A Sorceress?

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds pve
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Essentially, the Sorceress is a class that excels at high burst-damage, allowing them to stay back in both PvE and PvP and launch a variety of spells at enemies to destroy their health. They have two abilities that are intrinsic to their playstyle - Blink and Arcane Rupture - which are identity skills that make use of the passive Arcane Gauge that Sorceresses possess. 

The Blink skill lets you teleport by 15 in-game metres, and deals piercing damage when you go through an enemy. Arcane Rupture allows you to enter a state in which you deal more magical damage, and gain armour which nullifies any knockback effects. During combat, the Arcane Gauge will fill up, and at 30% you can use either of the identity skills. If you let it fill to 100% instead, you can cast Arcane Torrent, which is a more powerful version of Arcane Rupture, that deals extra elemental damage, reduces spellcasting times, and cooldowns. 

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Lost Ark Sorceress Builds: PvE Builds

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds pvp
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The skills that Sorceresses can use are based on various elements, which are earth, fire, ice, electricity, wind, or magick. How they differ is pretty straight forward, and you can mix as many as you want for your skills, but it's best to max out the ones that take your fancy, so you can make the best use of all their effects.

Below we've listed the skills we primarily use for the Sorceress in PvE, along with the Tripods we picked up after levelling a skill to four, seven, and ten. Our PvE build is also about straight damage, as your clear potential against enemies is immense and any fight with Lost Ark world bosses is made easier by your presence.  

  • Seraphic Hail - Enlightenment - Evolved Hail - Weak Point Detection
  • Squall - Agile Cast - Lighting Whirlwind - Wiping Attack
  • Doomsday - Insight - Overheated Meteor - Magick Amplification
  • Esoteric Reaction - Quick Preparation - Enhanced Strike - Shockwave 
  • Lightning Vortex - Damage Amplification - Wide Angle - Fierce Lightning

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds: PvP Builds

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds
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In the PvP modes, Sorceress players will want to stay back and deal as much damage as they can to help others, while hoping your allies cover your back from other players. Making use of Blink is also key due to its potential to let you escape melee players and any AoE skills targeted toward you. Ice-based skills are also essential for this mode, as they can crowd control enemies and deny them from escaping other skills and damage sources.  


  • Esoteric Reaction - Quick Preparation - Enhanced Strike - Shockwave
  • Frost's Call - Chill - Unstable Rule - Final Strike 
  • Seraphic Hail - Quick Preparation - Additional Explosion - Weak Point Detection
  • Inferno - Rift Acceleration - Flame Area - Firepower Supplement
  • Blaze - Damage Amplification - Flame Expansion - Weak Point Detection

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds: Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds awakening
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In Lost Ark, the Awakening skills are end-game abilities that players can earn after finishing the main story in Trixion. These skills are very similar to the ultimate abilities that you will find in MOBAs and hero shooters, due to their powerful effects and much longer cooldowns. Every class can access two Awakening skills, but only one may be equipped at once. For the Sorceress, these skills are:

  • Apocalypse Call - Spawns a meteor shower with an 18-metre radius for a total of eight seconds. Each meteor deals fire damage and knocks back anyone hit, while also dealing 200% damage to lower level enemies.
  • Enviska's Might - Form a dome around your character that deals lightning damage to anyone in range, before slowly expanding and pulling enemies in to deal more damage. Once the skill ends, the dome explodes for more burst damage.

Enviska's Might is the more reliable skill, and in PvP modes it can really help with keeping enemies away from you and zoning them for use with other abilities. Apocalypse Call has the potential to deal way more damage, so it's definitely the better option for PvE content, especially during boss fights. However, the RNG factor of where the meteors actually land, stops it from being the best choice against other players.

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Lost Ark Sorceress Builds: Engravings

Lost Ark Sorceress Builds engravings
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The class Engravings system provides more ways for players to specialise their characters and define their kit. There are lesser Engravings that can be used for all classes, along with two that are specific to classes. Most of this content is gated behind the end-game portion, but you should receive some Engravings as the story plays out.

Here are some of the best lesser Engravings for the Sorceress class:

  • Grudge - Increase your max damage output but increase the damage you receive back. Only useful after it's maxed out as Sorceresses can be very squishy.
  • Hit Master - Increases your attacks by up to 16%.
  • Spirit Absorption - Provides a speed boost to your attacks and movement. No downsides so always equip this if you find it.

The more powerful Engravings which can alter the function of a Sorceress are:

  • Igniter - This increases the effectiveness of the Arcane Rupture skill, lowering cooldowns by 50%, while raising the critical hit chance by 25%, and critical damage by 50%.
  • Reflux - This disables the Arcane Rupture, but gives you a flat damage boost of 16% while also lowering all cooldowns by 10%.

If you are looking to deal as much damage as possible in any of the modes, then Igniter is a great choice that will turn you Super Saiyan whenever you utilise Arcane Rupture. The burst potential here is immense, and you can quite easily wipe the floor with the more squishy classes in PvP.

Reflux can be a little hard to square as it gets rid of one of your key abilities, but it gives you the edge on sustaining yourself for longer in battles, and if you have enough protection from other players it can be very worth it for the overall damage output. 

That's all for our primer on the Lost Ark Sorceress builds, and now you should be able to replicate our PvE and PvP builds to hold your own.

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