Lost Ark Lullaby Island: How To Get The Forest Minuet

Lost Ark Lullaby Island: How To Get The Forest Minuet
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4th Oct 2022 16:46

If you want to get all of the sheet music in Lost Ark, you will need to know how to find Lost Ark Lullaby Island. Lost Ark has a number of collectibles to seek out, and one of the more practical ones are the music sheets which let you perform music in-game. The Forest Minuet is the song you'll be seeking on the Lost Ark Lullaby Island, so read on for a walkthrough of how to earn it.

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Lost Ark Lullaby Island: Where Is It?

Lost Ark Lullaby Island location
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You will need to be in the end-game portion of Lost Ark to access Lullaby Island, meaning you must reach combat level 50, and have access to Lost Ark ships.

A very important step before even locating the island is claiming the Song of Resonance. This is necessary for the completion of the quests on Lullaby Island, and you can buy the song with 16,500 Lost Ark Pirate Coins from an NPC called Treasure Hunter Igran. He is located on the Deck Ship on Pleccia Island, which is to the west of the Anikka continent. 

Luckily, Lullaby Island is quite close to this area too, being directly south-west of Anikka. It also used to be a limited-time island, but it was so popular that the developers changed it into a static island. Once you have located the island, dock and enter, so you can begin the associated quests. 


  • Lullaby Island is also home to some Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds, so be on the lookout for these collectibles.

Lost Ark Lullaby Island: What Can You Do There?

Lost Ark Lullaby Island cave entrance
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After arriving at Lullaby Island, you need to locate an NPC called Traveler Eclipse on the island to start the quest chain which is called The Forest Where Fairies Sing. The first quest in this chain will task you with finding three fairies across the island. They are invisible but going near them will give you a notification, so they aren't too tricky to locate. For a little help, the first one is located on the west side, the second in the centre of the island, and the third, in the north. 

They will ask you a series of questions that you need to answer correctly to progress the quest. The answers are:

Fairy One (West)

  • Whistle
  • Wait
  • Whistle again

Fairy Two (Centre)

  • Put down the shiny pebble
  • Remember me?
  • It's a gift
  • Wait quietly

Fairy Three (North)

  • Just watch
  • Listen with your back to her
  • I'm listening
  • I'll look for one
  • Sure
  • No worries, I'm an adventurer

Talking to all the fairies will trigger the second quest in the chain which directs you toward a secret passage on the east side of the island. Go to the location and play the Song of Resonance to enter the cave. Once inside, the last quest will trigger that asks you to play the Song of Resonance three more times inside the cave to receive three Voice of the Forests. You can also potentially find an Island Token inside the cave, as a chest will drop whenever you perform the song.

You can then head back to the third fairy and give her the items, which will result in her awarding you the Forest Minuet song and the quest finishing.

That's our walkthrough of Lost Ark Lullaby Island, and now you know how to claim the Forest Minuet song for finishing the island's quest chain.

You may also want to take part in the Thaitalos Lost Ark Guardian Raid, which allows you to get powerful items. 

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