Lost Ark Tier List: Which Class Is The Best?

Lost Ark Tier List: Which Class Is The Best?
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16th Mar 2022 11:21

Our Lost Ark tier list provides all the information you need to know about which classes perform the best in the game's current meta. There are a fair few classes to select from in Lost Ark, but not all of them are equal in their overall quality. So if you need a rundown of all the classes from S to F with our Lost Ark tier list, read on. 

Lost Ark Tier List

Here are all 15 classes in Lost Ark ranked from S (the best) to F (the worst), with information about each one and why you should consider using them in the game.

Lost Ark Tier List: S Tier


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When it comes to a support-ranged character, the Bard is the best choice that a player can make. The Bard is an advanced class of the Mage and although the class has a low attack power, it can still cause significant damage by utilizing magic. But where the Bard shines is in its healing spells to support allies, making this class the perfect support for PVP and co-op quests and guild raids.

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If you're choosing a melee-based character, it doesn't get any better than a Paladin, which is part of the Warrior class. Like other Warrior classes, the Paladin's main focus is melee attacks backed up by its high attack power and strength. But, the Paladin is also great for playing support and defensive role in a team. So far, the Paladin has proved to be a popular class among players due to its excellent ability to play both offensive and defensive roles.


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While the Paladin and Warrior class focus on heavy, brute force attacks to deal damage and take out enemies, the Assassin class focuses on lighter and quicker attacks, with the Deathblade being the best choice in the class. The Deathblade class is perfect for players that want to move around quickly, dodging enemies and chipping away at their health before landing a special attack to finish them off.


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Like the Deathblade, the Gunslinger relies on fast movement and attacks to take down its opponents. Think of this class as a ranged version of the Deathblade.

Lost Ark Tier List: A Tier


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The Sorceress is the second choice for the Mage class. The Bard is focused on defensive and healing and acting as a supporting character, while the Sorceress is designed to deal damage to opponents by using powerful magic based on three elements with spells that can deal area damage. Players can't go wrong with either Mage class, it just depends on the play style and whether they favour a more offensive or defensive role. 


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When it comes to the Warrior, the Paladin and Berserker are the best options for players looking to do damage, but the Gunlancer shines is its ability to be a tank character, absorbing high levels of damage from enemies, rather than being a character designed to dish out punishment. As the only one of its kind in the game, it's high on this list. 


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With an excellent attack, defence, mobility, and lasting power, the Scrapper class is well-balanced enough to throw enemies off their guard. They do an insane amount of damage thanks to the base damage increase to all skills, and the back attack bonus for main skills.



Lost Ark tier list Glaivier
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The spear and glaive abilities of the Glaivier allows it to combine damage types and skill functions to great effect, with a mix between ranged and melee combat. They have high damage and mobility, along with a surprising amount of crowd control features. 

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Lost Ark Tier List: B Tier


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The Sharpshooter is another great choice for the Gunner class, perfectly slotting itself between the Artillerist and Gunslinger. The Sharpshooter uses mechanical bows with special arrows that have custom effects while using stealth to exploit their enemy's weaknesses.

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The Berserker class is a high damage and defence melee-based Warrior class, with a Burst Mode that sees them gain increased attack and movement speed and unlock a special skill that delivers a world of hurt to their enemies.


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The Wardancer is a lightning-fast Martial Artist melee class. They can store up elemental energy to unleash in devastating attacks and gravity-defying manoeuvres and is a great alternative to the Assassin class.

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Lost Ark Tier List: C Tier


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The Shadowhunter is another Assassin class character that can shapeshift into powerful demonic forms to unleash chaotic power, with the Shadowhunter being capable of destructive powers, plus increased health and movement speed.


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The Striker relies on incredibly fast movement and attacks, utilizing aerial combos that take advantage of elemental powers.

Lost Ark Tier List: D Tier


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The Artillerist is a decent choice since it's more of a brute force style ranged character. It relies on heavy firepower and slow attacks to get the job done. Due to its slow attacks, the Artillerist features heavy armour to help it act as a tank to absorb maximum damage from enemies. Other ranged characters will deal more damage though. 

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Lost Ark Tier List: F Tier


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While not the best Gunner class in Lost Ark, Deadeye is unique in that players can take advantage of an arsenal that includes a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle. As cool as their variety is, the Gunslinger just outperforms them in almost every way. 


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For players that can't decide between using a melee or ranged character, Soulfist could be the perfect solution, as the Martial Artist class switches between both to deliver extremely powerful combos. Soulfist is also great at defence thanks to the Adamance special move, which they can imbue into abilities or use to sustain themselves through fights. The biggest issue with the Soulfist is their reliance on the Awakening kill, meaning they have inconsistent damage output compared to most. 

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