League Of Legends Aurelion Sol Rework: Release Date, Abilities, And More

League Of Legends Aurelion Sol Rework: Release Date, Abilities, And More
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Dave McAdam


2nd Feb 2023 13:15

League of Legends Aurelion Sol is getting a massive rework in an upcoming patch. League of Legends' Champions occasionally get this treatment, when the character needs a refresh or some help to become relevant again. Aurelion Sol is getting a total refresh of his abilities, and will soon play like a completely different Champion. Here is everything you need to know about the League of Legends Aurelion Sol rework.

League Of Legends Aurelion Sol: Release Date

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First of all, we can say for certain that these changes to Aurelion Sol are planned to be implemented in Patch 13.3. We now know that Patch 13.3 is planned for February 8 2023, so fans won't have long to wait. Hopefully, there are no more setbacks like there were with League of Legends Patch 13.2.

This gives fans of the Champion around a week to get to grips with the changes coming to the character. This is a complete overhaul, so while he may look the same, what Aurelion Sol can do after February's patch will be totally different.

League Of Legends Aurelion Sol: New Abilities

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As mentioned, this is a complete rework of Aurelion Sol. This means, all of his previous abilities are gone, and a new kit is in. Let's break down these new abilities.

  • Passive: Cosmic Creator - Doing damage with Aurelion Sol's damaging abilities creates Stardust. Collecting that Stardust improves all of Aurelion Sol's other abilities.

  • Q: Breath of Light - Aurelion Sol breathes fire in a line, directly damaging the first enemy hit and doing reduced splash damage to nearby enemies. Every second that Breath of Light is damaging an enemy, it does an extra burst of damage. These bursts grant Stardust, and the damage of the bursts is increased by accumulated Stardust.

  • W: Astral Flight - Aurelion Sol flies to a targeted location, and back again. While flying, Aurelion Sol is more visible to enemies but can fly over terrain and use other abilities. Also while flying, Breath of Light has no cooldown or maximum channel duration, and does increased damage. Accumulated Stardust increases the range of Astral Flight. While on cooldown, the recharge time of Astral Flight is reduced whenever an opponent that Aurelion Sol has recently damaged, dies.

  • E: Singularity - This ability has Aurelion Sol place a black hole on the ground. This black hole draws in nearby enemies, damaging any within its area. The centre of the black hole will instantly kill any enemy below a certain health threshold who is caught in it. For every enemy killed by Singularity, and every second an enemy is caught in it, the ability generates Stardust. More Stardust increases the size of the Singularity, and raises the percentage health at which the centre of the black hole executes opponents.

  • R: Falling Star/The Skies Descend - Aurelion Sol's ultimate ability has two modes, the basic version known as Falling Star, and the enhanced version called The Skies Descend. Once Aurelion Sol has collected 75 Stardust, the next ultimate used will be The Skies Descend.
    • Falling Star - Aurelion Sol crashes a star into the ground, doing damage in a circular area and stunning opponents caught in the blast. For every enemy Champion hit with Falling Star, more Stardust is awarded. The more Stardust that Aurelion Sol has, the wider the range of Falling Star.
    • The Skies Descend - With 75 Stardust collected, The Skies Descend can be activated. It works similarly to Falling Star, as once again a star is smashed into the earth. This version does more damage, and launches enemies into the air instead of stunning them. What's more, the impact creates a shockwave that travels far across the map. Enemies hit by the shockwave will take damage and be slowed for a time. Like Falling Star, the range of this ability is increased with more Stardust acquired.

Those are all the changes coming in the League of Legends Aurelion Sol rework. For more on the game, check out our rundown of what's new in League of Legends patch 13.2.

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