LoL Wild Rift Patch Roadmap for December features a Sona rework & new events

LoL Wild Rift Patch Roadmap for December features a Sona rework & new events
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Dani Cross


1st Dec 2023 11:09

The patch roadmap for December in LoL: Wild Rift features all kinds of things to look forward to, especially if you're an avid Sona player. All we have so far is a teaser for what's to come, but that teaser reveals some pretty cool info.

Sona has sometimes felt a bit forgotten about due to Seraphine's popularity in League of Legends, but she's the OG songstress and she's receiving a rework in December.

In addition, players can look forward to some new events, which we have the details for below. So keep reading to find out more about everything happening in December in LoL: Wild Rift!

What can we expect in December in Wild Rift?

The patch roadmap for december in Wild Rift.
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Firstly, Crystal Rose is being added on December 3rd. This will likely add new Crystal Rose skins for various Champions.

The Sona rework will be added to the game on December 7th. This rework should hopefully make her a more worthwhile Champion to play, keeping her relevant in the game overall.

Enchanted Journey starts on December 8th. We're not sure what the Enchanted Journey is, but we'll find out before too long.

Finally, Unlimited Spellbook ARAM is coming to the game on December 22nd. This is a for-fun game mode where players can play ARAM with other Champion's ultimate abilities. It's pretty chaotic, and definitely worth trying out.

For more Wild Rift, keep an eye on our homepage. Or take a look at the best champions in the latest TFT set Remix Rumble.

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