League Of Legends Rank Reset Changes For 2023

League Of Legends Rank Reset Changes For 2023
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Dave McAdam


2nd Jan 2023 15:23

League of Legends rank reset will work differently in 2023, along with many other changes. League of Legends will try to alter ranked play to make it better for both experienced and newer players. Rank reset brings every player back to the start, a tradition that is changing but is not going away. Here are the details of how Riot is changing League of Legends rank reset in 2023.

League Of Legends Rank Reset: How It Will Work

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There are a couple of big changes coming to the way that rank resets work in League of Legends. First and foremost, instead of one reset every year, there will be two, starting this year. As usual, there will be a rank reset in January. However, there will be a second, midseason split sometime in the middle of the year.

The reason for this is largely for the benefit of the top players. Apparently, many top players reach the heights of the ranks early on, and are left with little to do for the rest of the year. This means many of the better players abandon ranked play, or worse, turn to smurfing on another account. By having ranks reset midway through the year, players have more to do throughout the year.

Another change to how ranked play works in 2023 is how the promotion series between rank tiers work. Simply put, you would previously have to complete a best-of-five challenge in order to reach the next tier of ranks. From now on, this will be a best-of-three challenge instead.

League Of Legends Rank Reset: Changes To Ranked Rewards

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With changes to the ranked system come some changes to the rewards you can earn. The biggest one is the Victorious Skin, a reward for reaching Gold rank that has been a part of the game for years. This isn't going away, and there will be a skin for each rank reset. That means you can potentially earn two Victorious Skins each year.

The big change to these skins is how you earn them. They can still be earned by reaching Gold, but the field has been opened up to more players. Players who never reach the Gold ranks can also earn the skin by playing a lot of ranked matches. This ensures that dedication is rewarded regardless of which rank a player can achieve.

Those with the skills to reach Gold can unlock the Victorious Skin by playing much fewer matches, but thankfully they do not need to be precious about maintaining their rank. You no longer need to be Gold or above at the end of the season to get the skin. From now on, reaching Gold at any stage during the season guarantees the skin will be awarded to you.

That is it for our rundown of the League of Legends rank reset changes for 2023. For more on the game, check out the League of Legends 12.23 patch notes.

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