Is Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story co-op?

Is Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story co-op?
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Dani Cross


5th Feb 2024 11:37

Bandle Tale is the latest League of Legends spin-off from Riot Forge, but is the game playable in co-op?

Riot is releasing their own take on the cosy crafting genre with this RPG, featuring characters from their biggest game like Teemo, Tristana and Veigar. But for those of you looking to craft with friends, it might not be what you're looking for.

Is Bandle Tale co-op?

Bandle Tale doesn't have co-op play, as it's a single-player crafting RPG. There's no option to team up and explore with other players.

Bandle Tale is very story-focused and you do things in a very linear order. That means it's not really the kind of game that'd work with co-op functionality.

As a result, there's no multiplayer component here. I know that might be disappointing to those of you who were hoping to play the game with friends, but you'll have to play it solo.

What is Bandle Tale about?

A portal in Bandle Tale
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In Bandle Tale you can create your own "yordle" and explore the world of Bandle City. You'll traverse across a series of islands using portals, crafting new inventions and reuniting the city's residents.

The gameplay consists of exploring Bandle City, talking to characters and crafting items. You can cook meals, fish through portals and gather materials to make better inventions. You'll also be able to befriend characters from League of Legends.

Sadly, none of this can be done in multiplayer. Hopefully it's still a quality single-player experience when it launches on February 21 though - it certainly looks the part!

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