League Of Legends Patch 13.3 Patch Notes And Release Date

League Of Legends Patch 13.3 Patch Notes And Release Date
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Dave McAdam


31st Jan 2023 15:14

Are you looking for the League of Legends 13.3 patch notes? League of Legends has had some setbacks recently, and as a result, the previous patch was delayed. Patch 13.3 will be an amalgam of the two patches, containing some of the major changes from Patch 13.2. Here is everything we know about League of Legends Patch 13.3.

League Of Legends Patch 13.3: Release Date

League of Legends Patch 13.3 Release Date: A group of Champions leaping through the air
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Details about the planned contents of Patch 13.3 are scarce so far. The situation caused by the hacks at Riot Games has thrown a spanner into the works. Hopefully, by the time Patch 13.3 comes around, things will be back on track.

Patch 13.3 is due to go live on Wednesday, February 8th. Provided all is well by then, we should be back on track in the next two weeks.

League Of Legends Patch 13.3: Patch Details

League of Legends Patch 13.3 Release Date: Ahri, the subject of many of the changes in the upcoming patch
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As mentioned, a decent amount of the changes and new content from patch 13.2 has been pushed back to be in this update. You can check out what's new in League of Legends Patch 13.2 for all the details, but here are some of the big ones.

Annie is getting an ability rework, to help with her dwindling pick rate. Annie's passive ability, Pyromania will have full stacks from the beginning of the game and each time you respawn, allowing you to use it instantly.

Her W ability Incinerate is getting a reduction in mana cost. Her E ability is Molten Shield, which protects whoever she casts it on and does damage to enemies who strike it. After the patch, the shield will do more reflected damage and it will be stronger at lower levels.

Her ultimate ability is to summon Tibbers, Annie's bear companion. Tibbers' health and resistance will now scale with your ability power, making him much more difficult to take down.

Another portion of Patch 13.2 confirmed to be coming in 13.3 is the Ahri visual rework. Unlike Annie, this isn't a change to how the Champion plays, purely of how she looks. All of Ahri's skins and artwork are getting new looks. Her lore is being refreshed, and her voice lines are being redone.

There are improvements coming to ADCs, with improvements to base mana and mana regeneration across the board. Also, many ADC-focused items will be getting buffs and reworks.

Speaking of ADCs, many of them have been dipping into the Support role for a while now. Riot seems to want to put things right on the bot lane again with some buffs coming to classic Supports like Braum, Alistar, Rakan, Thresh, and Nautilus.

Finally, unless things change, we should also be getting the League of Legends Valentine's Day skins when patch 13.3 launches on the 8th of February. 

That is everything we currently have on League of Legends Patch 13.3. For more on the game, check out our League of Legends level borders guide.

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