The best LoL Champions for beginners in 2024

The best LoL Champions for beginners in 2024
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League of Legends has a huge array of Champions for players to try. If you're a new player it can be quite hard to choose, so this guide aims to suggest some good picks for beginners.

If you're trying to learn the game, or you're entering into ranked for the first time, here are some of the best Champions to use. You can use our contents page to quickly jump to the role/lane you want to play.

They're not as complicated as others in the game, and many of them are quite cheap. I've made sure to include Champions that anyone should be able to unlock quite quickly through playing.

Best Top Lane Champions for Beginners

Top lane is one of the most simple roles in the game. In a regular game, it's just you vs your opponent, and you can focus on your own lane which is helpful when you're trying to learn the game. Here are some of the best Top Champions to try out if you're a beginner.


Garen from LoL.
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Garen is definitely one of the easiest Top laners. He has very simple abilities that don't take much practice to learn. He was one of the first tanks I ever learned how to play, and it shouldn't take long to get used to his moves.

His E lets him spin over enemies with his sword, and all you have to do is move around on top of them to deal damage - no aiming required. His Q is a silence, so you should usually open up your attack with that to block your enemy from using their abilities for a bit.


Sion from LoL.
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Sion's one of the easiest tanks in the game. He has simple abilities, including a knock-up you can charge for extra damage and a shield that can give you more survivability.

His most unique trait is his passive, which lets you fight after death for a while. If you're struggling to stay alive you can still do some damage in a fight after you perish, so it's not all bad news if you die a lot with Sion. I've always liked playing him as a tank - he's always able to have some kind of impact, as long as you don't miss your abilities.


Pantheon from LoL.
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Pantheon isn't quite as easy as someone like Garen, but he has some pretty simple abilities that are satisfying to hit.

You can block damage with his shield ability, and deal damage from afar with his spear throw. He also has a really cool ultimate - you can drop down on an enemy from above for a surprise attack.

Best Jungle Champions for beginners

Jungle is the most complex role for beginners, so I don't recommend trying this role until you're a bit more familiar with how it works. However, if you're determined to be a jungle, then these Champions are solid choices.

Master Yi

Master Yi from LoL.
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If you're eager to try the Jungle role, Master Yi is one of the best starter Champions. He can deal with the Jungle monsters quite easily and has a healing ability to recover between camps.

He can also point-and-click with his Q to initiate combat, so there's no need to aim any of your skills with Yi. Just bear in mind that the Jungle is the hardest role to learn, so it'll take a bit of practice. A good Master Yi can absolutely tear through low-rank games - from my experience, people rarely know how to deal with him.


Warwick from LoL.
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Warwick is a really easy Champion to jungle with. He's got a lot of healing on his attacks/skills, so you'll be able to keep yourself healthy while learning the best path through the jungle camps.

He's also very cheap and doesn't take too long to get used to. For a new Jungle player, he's one of the safest characters you can choose.


Vi from LoL.
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Vi will be familiar to anyone who might have watched Arcane on Netflix, and if you're a fan of the character there and you've started playing LoL you'll be pleased to know Vi is quite easy to pick up and play. She was the first jungler I learned, and I still love her.

She has some point-and-click abilities like her ultimate that are quite easy to use. She's got a straightforward playstyle that's all about slamming enemies with giant fists, so you can't really go wrong.

Best Mid Lane Champions for Beginners

Like Top Lane, Mid is intended to be played as a 1v1 lane. It's just you and your opponent, so you can focus on your own gameplay.

Lux from LoL.
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Lux can shoot lasers and root enemies from long distances, making her a pretty safe pick for Mid lane. You'll have to watch out for enemies jumping on you up close, but as long as you keep your distance you can help out your team from afar.

She can also be played as a Support in the bottom lane, so she's a flexible choice you can use in multiple roles - definitely one of the best Champions to learn if you're new to playing as a mage. Oh, and she has the best skin in the game - Elementalist Lux (in my opinion, of course).


Annie from LoL.
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Annie is probably the easiest mage in the game. She's got very simple abilities that you can combo into each other with ease to deal big damage.

She also has a big teddy bear she can summon to chase down enemies, but her real strength lies in her high burst damage. After a few games on Annie, you should be able to start seeing some results, even as a totally new player.


Ahri from LoL.
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Ahri is a bit more expensive than most Champions on this list, as she'll cost you 3150 blue essence rather than 450 or 1350. That said, she's one of the safest Mid picks as her ultimate allows you to escape from danger by dashing over walls.

As you get more used to her abilities though, you can start using it to approach enemies and dodge their attacks as well. Her charm is the perfect way to set up a big damage combo, and it's a good ability to practice your aim with. While she's not the easiest Champion on this list, her safety and her flashy abilities make her an excellent pick in my opinion.

Best Bottom Lane Champions for Beginners

In the Bottom lane, you'll be paired up with another player, so it's 2v2. This can be good and bad - you'll have help from your teammate, but it also means you're dealing with two other Champions on the enemy team at all times. These are the best Bottom/ADC Champions for new players to learn.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune in LoL.
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If you're trying to learn the Bottom lane, or 'attack damage carry', Miss Fortune is one of the best picks to try first. She has simple abilities that have a lot of impact.

Her main strength is her ultimate which can deal huge damage to a whole team if they get stuck in the rain of bullets. Pair her with a Support that can stun enemies and you can always get good ultimates. She was the first Champion I used to reach Gold!


Ashe in LoL.
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Ashe is a very simple Champion - you just spam your frost arrows to slow enemies and damage them, and then when you get your Q ability online you can go all-in.

She also has a lot of utility you can bring to the team even if you're not as confident at fighting. Her E can provide vision/information for your team, while her ultimate is a big stun that you can fire from anywhere on the map.


Caitlyn in LoL.
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Caitlyn is one of the longest-range Champions in the game, making her a safer pick than many other characters. She can fire away from a distance with her sniper, and she should be very familiar with Arcane watchers too.

What's more, you can stun enemies by placing traps in bushes to catch them off guard. Once trapped, your sniper will do more damage to them on the next shot. She even has a helpful escape tool with her E, allowing you to get to safety if you're in a bad position.

Best Support Champions for Beginners

Finally, if you're more of a supportive player and don't want to be the carry, Support is the ideal role for you. These Champions are some of the best options for a new player trying out the Support role in LoL.


Soraka in LoL.
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Soraka is all about healing. If you're trying to learn a helpful support Champion that can help the team, Soraka is one of the best. 

Not only can she heal her allies in lane, but her ultimate can heal the whole team from anywhere. She's easy to play, cheap, and I usually find her to be very helpful to a team. 


Sona in LoL.
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Sona has a lot of heals and other helpful buffs she can spread to her allies. You don't really need to aim her skills, other than her ultimate which has a pretty generous size.

If you want a support that you can sit back and help your team with, Sona is one of the easiest to learn. She can heal, deal damage and speed up her team, all from a distance.


Blitzcrank in LoL.
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Blitzcrank isn't the easiest Champion, but he's very simple. If you hit your hook, you'll be a great asset to your team. 

He's pretty much all about hitting that one ability, as the rest of his abilities are best used afterwards. Blitz is a good Champion to play if you want to practice on one ability and get good at aiming skills. And when you do hit a crucial hook, it feels absolutely amazing.

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