Top 10 best Pathfinder skins in Apex Legends

Top 10 best Pathfinder skins in Apex Legends
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1st Jan 2024 11:30

Pathfinder is an iconic character in Apex Legends, having been part of the original roster back in 2019. Despite possessing no damage abilities, Pathfinder's movement-centric kit is immensely popular with the community, meaning he's always had an impressively high pick rate.

Style-wise the Forward Scout is no slouch either, with some of the most incredible cosmetics in the Outlands. That's why we've decided to put together a list of Pathfinder's best skins in Apex Legends with a top 10 ranking. If you get a chance to add one of these skins to your collection, don't hesitate.

10. Pathogen

Pathogen Pathfinder
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Beginning with a more recent addition to Pathfinder's collection, the Pathogen skin was introduced with the Season 18 update. This sleek design combines dark teal green with copper detailing and of course his trademark smiley face screen.

If that wasn't enough, the visor on this skin also looks awesome and while it does not match Pathfinder's friendly personality, it looks amazing in the Outlands.

9. MechaMRVN

MechaMRVN Apex
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Transformer fans will be immediately drawn to MechaMRVN, which is one of the most unique skins in the Forward's Scout's locker.

Debuting in-game with the 2023 Golden Week, this is a cosmetic for those who want to stand out from the crowd. If you're not a fan of Pathfinder's typical MRVN aesthetic, then this is the skin for you.

8. Elegant Mechanics

Elegant Mechanics Apex
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Elegant Mechanics is one of the cleanest skins you can equip on Pathfinder as it just looks so well put together. The subtle purple and light blue look top-tier together, and the silver detailing is just the cherry on top.

Tired of over-the-top Pathfinder skins with too much going on? Elegant Mechanics needs to be in your collection.

7. War Path

War Path Pathfinder
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Coming in at seventh is War Path, a skin that first arrived back in the Chaos Theory event back in May of 2021. The nice guy look Pathfinder usually sports is long gone with this cosmetic, transforming the Forward Scout into a threatening war machine.

Black, gold, and red always look amazing together and that's certainly no different here, with the central wires adding the extra touch that takes this skin to the next level.


SRVN MRVN Pathfinder
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A gimmicky skin is never a bad choice and there's no denying that this cosmetic will serve (pun intended) every Apex fan well. A fan-favourite, SRVN MRVN first debuted in the Grand Soirée Event that believe it or not, took place in Season 3.

This is a true OG skin and it never fails to get a smile from players. Pathfinder just fits the role of a server extremely well and how can you not love the red bow tie?

5. Iced Out

Iced Out Pathfinder
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It's December, so it's never been a better time to own Iced Out Pathfinder. This festive skin was first introduced back in Season 3 with the Meltdown update, so it's a tried and true old-school cosmetic.

While being related to Christmas, it doesn't go over the top with the theme, so it's fine to sport this all year around. On top of that, it's so different to every other Forward Scout skin that it had to get a mention.

4. Full Metal Robot

Full Metal Robot Pathfinder
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The military-themed Full Metal Robot is a little more low-key when compared to the other skins on the list and that's what makes it so great.

The bandana, camo trousers, and ammo rounds across the shoulders work perfectly together, and you know when you see this skin in-game that the owner knows what they're doing. Obtained from the Pathfinder Edition bundle, Full Metal Robot isn't easy to get hold of.

3. The Burgundy Knight

The Burgundy Knight Pathfinder
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The Burgundy Knight is a pristine Pathfinder skin where all the colours seem to work together without being too flashy.

It almost gives the Forward Scout a regal appearance and while it isn't jokey like a lot of his other cosmetics, this is an ideal choice for someone who is just looking for a top-tier skin while styling on their opponents.

2. Memoir Noir

Memoir Noir Pathfinder Apex
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Narrowly missing out on number one is Memoir Noir, which sees Pathfinder with an amazing hat and yellow overcoat. This skin is simultaneously funny, while also looking absolutely incredible as well because it matches the Forward's Scout personality to the tee.

If that wasn't enough, the cosmetic was introduced in his very own Fight Night event, which is remembered fondly by the community.

1. War Machine

War Machine Pathfinder
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There was only one candidate for the number one spot and that's War Machine. Unbelievably simple, but incredibly designed, the skin looks amazing both in and out of the game.

Despite making its debut back in 2019's Iron Crown event, it still manges to outclass the rest of his collection. Still to this day, Pathfinder mains are always on the hunt for this skin and it's easy to why. For me, this is by far the best Forward Scout skin by a long way.

Now you're aware of the best Pathfinder skins, why not check out our Apex Legends pick rate tracker that ranks every character based on their popularity? For more news, guides, and explainers, make sure to head to our Apex Legends homepage

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