Apex Legends pick rates: Most popular characters in Season 17

Apex Legends pick rates: Most popular characters in Season 17
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Alex Garton


6th Jun 2023 17:26

Apex Legends pick rates are an extremely valuable statistic as it shows which characters are considered meta by the community. While popularity can be a helpful metric, it doesn't directly correlate with which Legend is strongest in the game.

The majority of the time, it's better to choose a character you're comfortable using and who fits your personal play style.

The data below is collected by Apex Legends Status and is based on the 17.8 million players in their API database. It's worth noting that these percentages do not measure the entire player base, but it's a big enough sample size to gather a general impression of overall Legend popularity.

June 6, 2023: Here are the current Apex Legends character pick rates as of June 6.

Apex Legends pick rates in Season 17

Key art containing three Legends in Apex, including Wraith
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Here are the Apex Legends pick rate rankings for every single character in Season 17. These stats are updated weekly and change regularly with every update.

  1. Pathfinder - 11.2%
  2. Octane - 9.9%
  3. Wraith - 8.8%
  4. Bangalore - 7%
  5. Bloodhound - 6.3%
  6. Horizon - 6%
  7. Loba - 5.9%
  8. Ballistic - 5.5%
  9. Lifeline - 5.5%
  10. Valkyrie - 4%
  11. Fuse - 3.3%
  12. Ash - 2.9%
  13. Mirage - 2.8%
  14. Mad Maggie - 2.7%
  15. Catalyst - 2.4%
  16. Caustic - 2.3%
  17. Seer - 2.2%
  18. Wattson - 2%
  19. Vantage - 1.9%
  20. Revenant - 1.6%
  21. Crypto - 1.6%
  22. Rampart - 1.5%
  23. Gibraltar - 1.4%
  24. Newcastle - 1.2%

Most popular Apex Legends characters

3. Wraith

Wraith Apex Legends
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Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

As expected, Ballisitic's position in the top three was short-lived and while the Refined Gunslinger still maintains an impressive pick rate, it cannot match Wraith's 8.8%.

While she did take a dip in popularity at the beginning of Season 17, the Interdimensional Skirmisher's impressive rotation abilities, invulnerability, and brilliant mobility make her a strong pick in every meta.

She's also a fan-favourite with a huge amount of players who have dedicated themselves to maining her and mastering her kit completely, so expect her to stick around the top three for a long time to come.

2. Octane

Octane holding Flatline in Apex Legends
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Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Octane sits at the number two spot in Apex Legends' pick rates, maintaining an impressive 9.9%.

While the High Speed-Daredevil is no longer in the top spot, his unmatched mobility will always make him a fan-favourite pick, especially in ranked mode.

The Launch Pad Ultimate is not only brilliant for aggressive and highlight-reel plays, but it's also a useful rotation tool in the final ring.

Now Season 17 is well underway, it'll be interesting to see whether Octane can regain his spot at the top, or whether Wraith or even Bangalore knocks him out of the top three altogether.

1. Pathfinder

image of Pathfinder in Apex Legends
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Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With an unbelievably high pick rate of 11.2%, Pathfinder is well ahead of the roster in the number one spot and it's easy to see why.

Although the Forward Scout has no abilities that deal damage, his Ultimate is an invaluable rotation tool, and his Tactical provides incredible mobility.

Not only that, Pathfinder is just extremely fun to play, and with such a high skill ceiling with his grapple, a huge portion of the community dedicates themselves to being a Forward Scout main.

Those are the Apex Legends pick rates for Season 17 and the most popular Legends in the current meta. For more on the battle royale, be sure to check out our Apex Legends homepage for all of the latest news and guides.

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