Athaim are making a name for themselves in Apex Legends

Athaim are making a name for themselves in Apex Legends

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Katie Memmott


11th Jun 2021 15:49

Earlier in June 2021, esports org AthaimGG realised their potential, winning third place in the Apex Legends Global Series APAC South Championship, winning prize money of $52,000. This comes after a fifth-place placement in the Apex Legends tournament PGL Showdown (APAC South) in October 2020.

Athaim Gaming was founded in 2019 by owner and director Damilola “rightthero” Akinleye, with a vision of bringing the best talent to the forefront of several different esports – most notably, Apex Legends. And now, they’re ready to take on the world.

Their Apex Legends team of Thailand natives is made up of Pat “NutsuruSama” Saejew, Chaiyarit “JackCute” Saijung, and Oatto.



We sat down with NutsuruSama, as well as Athaim founder Damilola, to find out exactly how the APAC South tournament went down, and how they feel about the future.

How did it feel to win third place at ALGS APAC South?

NutsuruSama: It was so close. We would have taken the first place if we did the right thing.

rightthero: This Championship wasn’t just an event to us; it was a seven-month journey of hard work, struggle, arguments, and inner soul searching. This money is life-changing, at least to the players in Thailand. To see affable players get rewarded for their work is a dream come true. This is only the beginning - Athaim Forever. 

NutsuruSama, you were named the Apex Predator of the tournament by achieving the most eliminations – what do you attribute your success to? Is it purely grinding the game?

NutsuruSama: I think I'm a person who is always trying to improve myself in every second that I do anything. I'll keep trying to get better; to become better than anyone, including my past self. Learn from my own mistake. And yes, I grind in this game a lot (laughs).

The sales of skin bundles in Apex Legends contributed to the prize pool by almost $300,000 – what did you think of this idea? Should it be implemented in other games?

NutsuruSama: Yes, this is a very good idea - to support your favourite streamer or competitor.

What is the next goal for Athaim and your career?

NutsuruSama: I'll keep growing my own social media platform (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook) to get more people to known me, who I am, and try to establish my own branding and my org.

What advice do you have for aspiring pro players in your region?

NutsuruSama: Keep grinding, learn from your mistakes, never give up!

What is your weapon loadout of choice?

NutsuruSama:  Sentinel + any automatic weapon.


Images via Athaim

Katie is the former Sub Editor and Freelancer Coordinator at GGRecon.

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