Hogwarts Legacy Spell Slots: How To Get More & Change Loadout

Hogwarts Legacy Spell Slots: How To Get More & Change Loadout
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Hogwarts Legacy comes with a lot of spells in different classes. With those for combat, exploration, puzzle solving, and transfiguration, it can be easy to quickly run of out spell slots. Here is how to unlock more Hogwarts Legacy spells slots and how to change your loadout. 

Disclaimer: While the creator of the Harry Potter franchise was not directly involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy, their comments on social media around transgender people are hurtful and dangerous given the size of their platform. 

We’d implore you to read our explainer of the controversy so far, and consider supporting trans rights charities where possible.

Hogwarts Legacy Spell Slots: How To Get More & Change Loadout

Getting More Spell Slots

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You'll be able to gain additional spell slots after reaching the end of the main story quest, Jackdaw's Rest. There, you'll unlock Talent Points, which are essentially skills points you gain with each level from Level 5. For every Talent Point, you can choose a new skill to unlock in the following categories: Core, Stealth, Dark Arts, Spells, and Room of Requirement.

If you're already well above Level 5 at this point, you'll be given additional Talent Points per level. So, if you're at Level 15, you'll be given 10 Talent Points to start.

In the Core category, you'll find three skills which you can unlock for one additional Spell Set each: Spell Knowledge l, Spell Knowledge ll, and Spell Knowledge lll. There are level requirements of 5 for the first two tiers and 16 for the third.

Unlock these, and you'll be given an extra Spell Set of four spell slots each, making for 16 spell slots in total when counting the 4 in the Spell Set you have already.

Keep in mind though that in order to proceed Jackdaw's Rest, you need to know the spell Expelliarmus. You must do this by completing the quest, Professor Hecat's Assignment 2.

Change Spell Loadout

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Like when equipping spells in your starting Spell Set, you can change your loadout within your maximum 16 spell slots in the Spell Selection Menu - by pressing right on the D-Pad (or PC equivalent). In the menu, whichever Spell Set you're currently looking at will be highlighted on the middle-left side of the screen. 

To switch sets, press R2/RT (or PC equivalent) and press up, down, left, or right to switch the Spell Set you want to customise. To customise a spell to your new spell slots, it's the same as you've done before: press R2/RT (or PC equivalent) again whilst your cursor is over your assigning spell, then also press the control button corresponding with the slot you want to go into. 

When you want to switch between Spell Set loadouts when exploring or in battle, press R2/RT (or PC equivalent) and press up, down, left, or right - corresponding to the spell set of which you want to change to. 

That's all you need to know on how to get more Hogwarts Legacy spell slots and how to change your loadout. Whilst you're here, check out how to get to solve mirror puzzles. Alternatively, have a look at how long it will take you to beat Hogwarts Legacy

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