All Merlin Trial solutions in Hogwarts Legacy: Locations & how to unlock

All Merlin Trial solutions in Hogwarts Legacy: Locations & how to unlock
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If you want to know all of the Merlin Trial solutions and locations in Hogwarts Legacy, then you're in the right place. After solving a certain number of these Trials in the game, you can gain increased inventory space - a necessary perk if you're a Harry Potter hoarder and like to collect all the gear you possibly can in the game.

To find out more about these Trials left by the iconic wizard himself, Merlin, read on, as we'll go through all Merlin Trial locations, solutions by spell type, and how to first unlock them.

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Disclaimer: While the creator of the Harry Potter franchise was not directly involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy, their comments on social media around transgender people are hurtful and dangerous given the size of their platform. 

We’d implore you to read our explainer of the controversy so far, and consider supporting trans rights charities where possible.

How to unlock Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: First Merlin Trial Location
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The first Merlin Trial you come across will unlock fairly early in the game, after your first trip into Hogsmeade. After travelling to Lower Hogsfield (one of the hamlets outside of Hogwarts), you'll encounter Nora Treadwell, a researcher who is investigating a series of runes said to be a challenge left behind by Merlin.

  • After speaking with Nora, she will tell you to place Mallowsweet on the seal on the ground.
  • Complete this task and look around for three stone braziers near the seal. One will be behind Nora, the other two are close to the lake.
  • Use Incendio or another fire spell to set them alight and complete the Trial.

You'll know you have been successful when a cutscene triggers, featuring a vine-covered gazebo raising from the stone seal on the ground.

This will set you off on your journey to discover other Merlin Trials in the wild. Not all Trials will require Incendio to complete, though, as many will require you to choose the correct spell within your arsenal in order to solve the puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trial locations

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Locations on the map
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Once you've solved your first Merlin Trial, the rest will be updated on your map, showing up as a leaf symbol as shown in the above image. There is a multitude of Merlin Trials scattered around the world map amongst the Hogwarts hamlets, and these Trials all follow a similar pattern of solving.

Once you have solved several Trials, you can navigate to the 'Challenges' menu and select the 'Exploration' screen to see if you have unlocked any rewards. Usually, you will get expanded inventory space in return for completing Trials.

Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trial solutions

All Merlin Trials can be divided into eight categories depending on the spells needed to complete them. Several different kinds of Trials follow a similar format, and all require Mallowsweet to be placed on their seals before starting.

The different types of Merlin Trials are:

  • Incendio Trial
  • Accio Trial
  • Lumos Moth Trial
  • Stepping Stones Trial
  • Destroy the Spheres Trial
  • Winguardium Leviosa Trial
  • Congringo Trial

The Incendio Merlin Trial

The Incendio Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy
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This is the first Trial type (mentioned above) and requires you to find three stone braziers near the seal and light them with Incendio. Take care to light them one after another in a timely fashion as they may 'time out' and the braziers will rise back up from the ground if you are not quick enough.

The Accio Merlin Trial

The Accio Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy
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If the Merlin Trial seal is surrounded by three similar seals on the ground, take a closer look. If the seals all have four holes in the centre, this means you need to place boulders inside to trigger them. The boulder piles can be found by casting Revelio near them, they are always usually near the seals and will require you to use Accio to drag them to the centre of each seal.

As they come close, they will pile up in the centre and trigger the main Merlin seal. There will be three piles of boulders and three stone seals on the ground to place them on.

The Lumos Moth Merlin Trial

The Moth Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy
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If there are three square stone blocks near the seal, this may be the Lumos Trial. The blocks should have a hollowed-out square in each centre. Look around for clouds of blue moths, approach a group of them and cast Lumos.

Then, lead the moths to a stone and let the spell drop. The moths should swarm inside the hallowed out square and vines will sprout over the stone. Repeat the process for all three stone blocks to complete the Merlin Trial.

The Stepping Stones Merlin Trial

The Stepping Stones Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy
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This Trial will have a seal placed near a collection of boulders, each in a line and larger than the last. This Trial is slightly different from the others as all it requires is courage, rather than a spell. You must climb onto the smallest boulder and jump across to the largest one. Each boulder you step on will ding and spring vines.

When you have crossed the line of boulders the seal will unlock.

Destroy the Spheres Merlin Trial

Destroy The Spheres Merlin Trial, Hogwarts Legacy
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This Trial will have several statues surrounding it. The statues are pillars with spheres on top (with the spheres resembling bowling balls). The aim of this Trial is to destroy all the spheres, you can do so with a simple spell cast.

The real trick to this Trial is finding them as they may be placed at higher levels or hidden. You'll know when you’ve found them all when the Trial cutscene commences. Use Revlio to help you find them, it may be worth it to invest a Talent point into Revlio to increase its range.

The Wingardium Leviosa Merlin Trial

The Wingardium Leviosa Merlin Trial, Hogwarts Legacy
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This Trial will show a large spherical boulder nearby and a large crater engraved with swirls. You simply need to place the boulder into the crater with Wingardium Leviosa, you'll notice that other spells such as Accio are not strong enough to lift it. Use Revlio if you have difficulty finding the crater in which to place the boulder.

The Confringo Merlin Trial

The Confringo Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy
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This Trial will have several large standing stones around the seal on the ground. These boulders will have green markings on them, resembling something close to a green Celtic knot. You must cast Confringo or Bombarda to destroy them. Another damage-dealing spell or fire spell like Incendio will not be strong enough to break them.

Where to get Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Mallowsweet Location
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Mallowsweet is needed to activate the Merlin Trials before you complete them, and players can purchase Mallowsweet leaves at The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade. You can also buy Mallowsweet seeds there and grow them in the Herbology classroom, as Mallowsweet only needs a small planter to grow in. Once you have bought Mallowsweet seeds you will have a constant supply of them.

To do so, you must have attended your first Herbology class. This usually triggers after the main quest 'Secrets of the Restricted Section'.

If you have the Room of Requirement unlocked, you can also grow Mallowsweet there to keep yourself in constant supply as you journey through the Merlin Trials.

That's everything you need to know about Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy homepage for all of the latest guides to help you through the Wizarding World, or check out how to unlock the Loom to upgrade and enchant gear.  

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