Genshin Impact Time And Wind Quest

Genshin Impact Time And Wind Quest
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17th Jun 2022 13:35

The Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact is a hidden quest that takes place on an unmarked island off the coast of Stormterror's Lair. To complete this Genshin Impact quest, you'll need an Anemo character in your party, or the Anemo ability triggered for the Traveler. For tips on how to locate and complete the Time and Wind quest, read on.

Genshin Impact: Time And Wind Quest Location

Map depicting where the island is located, and where the Starsnatch Cliff is located
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The best approach to getting to the unmarked island is to glide from the top of Starsnatch Cliff in the Mondstadt region. Amber is a good choice for this, as she has the passive ability that allows for lower stamina consumption when gliding.

Stamina can also be temporarily buffed with food, Minty Meat Rolls or Barbatos Ratatouille are valid options as both provide a 25% decrease in depleted stamina when gliding, depending on the quality of the cooked dish.

You can also upgrade your maximum base stamina by upgrading the Statues of the Seven in Teyvat. To do this you must collect the floating Geoculus and Amenoculus orbs that inhabit the world, often depicted as a white four-pointed star on the mini-map.

Another option for getting to the island is to use a Cryo character to create ice sheets to walk across the sea. This is an arduous process but a good backup plan if you don't have enough stamina for gliding all the way.

Genshin Impact: How To Complete The Time And Wind Quest

Eye of the Storm summoned by the sundial
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Once you've made it to the island, amongst the dead Ruin Guards that litter the beach, there will be dirt piles with the option to 'dig' revealing several treasure chests dotted about the Island. Some Ruin Guards may spring to life so be wary as they are at a higher level of 35.

There is also a campsite located on the beach, east of the sundial. Break the rock formation next to the campsite to reveal a ragged notebook with information on how to trigger the sundial puzzle.

Next, interact with the sundial and set the in-game clock to 2am. Now use your elemental sight and follow the Anemo trails. They will lead you to an orb which you can interact with by using an Anemo ability on it. This wind cluster will then scatter to three different spots on the island. Repeat the process on all three before using your Anemo ability on the stone structure in the middle of the island. The wind clusters will only appear during the hours of 2am to 5am. One wind cluster will be further from the shore near a broken stone pillar, use a Cryo character to reach it across the water, and then revert back to Anemo to interact with it.

An Eye of The Storm will appear and move on before you can completely defeat it. Follow it to another island by gliding on the open-air current at the centre of the island. Talk to the NPC there and repeat the process of blasting three wind clusters to finish off the Eye of The Storm and get your rewards.

Genshin Impact: Time And Wind Quest Rewards

quest log for time and wind quest
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Upon completing the Time and Wind quest you'll receive:

  • 500 Adventurer EXP
  • 60 Primogems
  • Hero's Wit x4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
  • 60,000 Mora
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