How To Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact

How To Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact
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16th Jun 2022 14:57

Processing ingredients in Genshin Impact is a way of cultivating resources to cook different recipes. Items like flour can only be processed or bought from merchants and are needed in a variety of dishes in Genshin Impact. For a full rundown of the cooking system in Genshin Impact and how to process ingredients, read on.

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Genshin Impact: Processing Ingredients

cooking station in Genshin Impact
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Cooking in Genshin Impact is a valuable mechanic of the game that provides your party with HP and combat buffs. As health isn’t regenerative in the game, you’ll quickly discover how useful cooking can be, as evidenced by the sheer number of campfires you’ll stumble across in the wilderness of Teyvat.

To gather the ingredients needed for dishes, you’ll need to process the natural materials found in the wild to make them edible first. You can also visit the Mondstadt General Goods Shop or Liyue Harbor’s Second Life to purchase ingredients.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Processing

restaurant inventory showing processed ingredients for sale
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To use the processing mechanic of the game, simply navigate through the cooking menu after interacting with a campfire, there will be a processing tab near the top (chilli icon) with a list of possible ingredients you can make from your inventory.

Processing in Genshin Impact takes real-time to complete. You can exit out of the processing menu and return to any campfire in the world to collect your ingredients when finished. You’ll also get a notification to say when ingredients are ready, which is handy if you’re in the middle of a quest.

Remember to light a campfire before trying to use it, you can do this by using any ability from a Pyro character in your roster.


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Genshin Impact: Processed Items

processing menu featuring available items to create
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Here are the following items you can make from natural resources:

  • Cheese (Milk x3)
  • Butter (Milk x2)
  • Cream (Milk x1)
  • Sugar (Sweet Flower x2)
  • Flour (Wheat x1)
  • Ham (Raw Meat x2 and Salt)
  • Jam (Sunsettia x3, Berries x2, and Sugar)
  • Sausage (Raw Meat x3)
  • Bacon (Raw Meat x2 and Salt x2)
  • Crab Roe (Crab x4)
  • Smoked Fowl (Fowl x3 and Salt)
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