Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event Rewards And How To Join

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event Rewards And How To Join
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The Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event is a tag team combat event in which players will participate over six days of challenges. Each day the Genshin Impact event is on, a new challenge will unlock until six are available to complete. To learn more about the event, how to compete and what rewards you'll get for doing so, read here.

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event: Prerequisites

To participate in the event, you must be at least Adventurer Rank 30 and must have completed the 'Ritou Escape Plan' portion of the Archon Quests. The event lasts from October 10 to October 24, so participate whilst you can.

This event contains a set of solo challenges in which Co-op will not be available. There is a roster of trial characters available if you need more variety.

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event: How To Join

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event: location
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To access the Hyakunin Ikki Event, travel to the Challenge Arena domain the event is housed in. This will appear as a blue tower located in Inazuma, Narukami Island, on a small island to the west of Inazuma City.

Once you interact with the tower, you'll have access to the challenge menu. A new challenge will unlock daily until all six are available to play in exchange for rewards.

You can play the challenge using trial characters set to level 80 or your own, the trial characters available are Diluc, Candace, Kokomi, Sucrose, Tighnari and Collei.

Use the characters to create six parties. Each party contains two characters with two Secret Arts, giving them specific boosts on the battlefield. You can create your parties around this and experiment with combinations.

The aim of the challenges is to earn the greatest number of points possible and score gold in the challenge. Points are attributed when players defeat opponents. The Fervor system can help with this, Fervor is built up in combat when you switch between parties and defeat opponents, an effective element as Fervor increases bonuses given in battle.

A crucial element is to swap between parties during combat, as having the same team on the battlefield for more than 25 seconds will drop your Fervor meter and weaken your characters.


Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event: Rewards

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event
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The overall rewards for taking part and completing each stage in the event are as follows:

  • Primogems x70
  • Mora x40,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
  • Guide to Transcience x2
  • Jewelled Branch of a Distant Sea x3
  • Adventurer's Experience x4
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