Genshin Impact Elements: Status Effects And How To Combine

Genshin Impact Elements: Status Effects And How To Combine
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There is a total of seven elements in Genshin Impact, blessed to individuals as a gift from the Archons, the Gods that preside over Teyvat. There are also seven Archons in Genshin Impact which represent the seven nations that worship each individual Archon, as such, each Archon specialises in one of the elements.

These elements are: Pyro, Hydro, Dendro, Electro, Anemo, Cryo, and Geo. To learn more about the Genshin Impact elements and how to both use them and combine them in your party, read on.

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Genshin Impact Elements: How Do They Work?

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Each playable character will have an affinity with one of the elements, if you combine elements within your party, they will have additional status effects. The possible status effects will be as follows:

  • Standard Status Effect - Produced by a singular element, this is their base effect.
  • Elemental Reaction - The elemental reaction status effect will occur when you have two different elements in your party, that react together to produce a special attack. Different status effects will occur depending on what the two elements are.
  • Elemental Resonance - If you have party members with the same affinities, they will combine into an additional status effect depending on what element it is. For this to occur, the party must be full.

Genshin Impact Elements: What Do Elements Do?

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The Pyro Archon is Murata, the God of war who is worshipped by the nation of Natlan. As the fire element, this causes burn damage over time to enemies. Pyro is much more effective when combined with other elements from party members.


Originates from the God of justice Archon who is worshipped by the nation of Fontaine. Hydro causes a wet status effect that leaves nearby enemies vulnerable to electro damage. The trade-off is that it also leaves the player open to electro damage.


This element represents plant life and is the rarest in Teyvat so far, blessed to the nation of Sumeru. The Dendro Archon is the God of wisdom, presiding over the Sumeru nation which is a complex mix of desert and rainforests. It holds no particular status effect; the summoned element appears as vine-like walls with similar properties to Geo.


The Electro Archon is named Beelzebul or Ei and is the God of Eternity who presides over the Inazuma nation. As an element, Electro hinders character movement and enemy attacks.


Anemo is the air element, the first element that the Traveler will come across in their playthrough of Genshin Impact. Anemo originates from the Archon Barbatos, whose worshipping nation is Mondstadt. Anemo is one of the only elements to have no status effects on its own, as such it is best utilised when combined.


The Cryo Archon is Tsaritsa, whose associated nation is Snezhnaya. Cryo slows attack speed and movement speed for a short time at a rate of 15%. Cryo can also be applied to objects to create further elemental reactions.


Geo is the second element the Traveler acquires and is gifted by the Archon Morax, who belongs to the Liyue nation. Like Anemo, Geo has no status effect so it is best utilised when combined with other elements to produce the Crystallise effect.


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 Genshin Impact Elements: Elemental Reaction Outcomes

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This attack is produced when combining Pyro and Hydro. If Pyro is the activator of the two, the performed attack will produce 1.5x more Pyro damage. If Hydro is the trigger, the attack will produce 2x more Hyrdo damage.


This attack is produced when combining Pyro and Dendro together. This attack summons an AEO that spreads and deals damage over time.


Conjured when combining Pyro and Electro party members. This attack is a combination of fire AOE and heavy attack, produced after an explosion is created.


Produced if Pyro and Anemo are combined. This creates 2x the damage of the Pyro attack, if Pyro is the trigger of the effect. If Anemo is the trigger, the Swirl attack will commence.

Electro Charged

Summoned when combining Hydro with Electro. This is an effective mix of both elements as it applies the wet status effect to an enemy and then summons a bolt of lightening to inflict added damage to them. The electro damage will be continuously applied over time.


Frozen is created when Hyrdo is combined with Cryo. During this status effect, the enemy will freeze in place halting all their movements. They can then be shattered with additional attacks.


This attack type is summoned for all combinations with Anemo. It increases and spreads the elemental damage type of whichever element it is combined with.


This is a combination of Electro and Cryo which deals a Cryo AOE and reduces the overall damage resistance of the enemy.


This occurs when any other element is combined with Geo. This summons a shield in front of you, made from the same type of element that helped create it. It is effective against all elements but is additionally effective at blocking elemental damage belonging to the element that created it.

Genshin Impact Elements: Elemental Resonance Outcomes

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Fervent Flames

Summoned when combining Pyro with Pyro. This effect raises attack damage by 25% but reduces the Cryo damage of your party by 40%.

Soothing Water

This is when Hydro is combined with the same element type. This produces a 30% buff to healing at the cost of a 40% deduction to Pyro status effects.

High Voltage

An Electo combination gives the chance of summoning the superconduct, overload and electro-charged attacks with the result of Hydro status effects decreasing by 40%.

Shattering Ice

A combination of Cryo with Cryo, this effect raises the chance for critical hits by 15% against enemies already under the Cryo status effect. As a result, Electro status effects will decrease in duration at a 40% rate.

Impetuous Winds

This is created when you have a combination of Anemo elemental types. This effect has a mutually positive outcome, giving a 15% increase to movement speed and a 15% decrease to stamina usage.

Enduring Rock

This status effect is granted when combining two Geo types. Shield capacity and damage output increases by 15% with this effect, whilst lowering Geo resistance after dealing out damage to targets.

Protective Canopy

This occurs in the instance of having four different types of elements equipped and increases the physical and elemental resistances of your characters by 15%.

There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about elements and the different elemental combinations in Genshin Impact.

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