How to find all the Fecund Blessings for the 'The Feast in Full Swing' quest in Genshin Impact

How to find all the Fecund Blessings for the 'The Feast in Full Swing' quest in Genshin Impact
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The Feast in Full Swing quest in Genshin Impact is part of the 'Of Ballad and Brews' event. During the Genshin Impact event, you'll be tasked with a scavenger hunt. You'll need to find all Fecund Blessings (hampers left by citizens) by following the clues given. Read here for all Fecund Blessing locations including the location of the elusive Spring Fairy.

Where can you find the Fecund Blessings?

Genshin Impact The Feast In Full Swing: Fecund Blessing Locations
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The Feast in Full Swing is the fourth and final stage of the Ballad and Brews event. To complete the quest, you must find all the hampers (Fecund Blessings) scattered across the map. These come in two waves, the following are all the locations within the Feast in Full Swing quest.



Fecund Blessing One


In Mondstadt behind the souvenir shop.


Fecund Blessing Two

As the clue would suggest this hamper is near the hotel in Mondstadt where the Fatui is staying. The hamper is next to the outside dining table and chairs overlooking a balcony, there is usually a cat laying in the area.

Fecund Blessing Three

Use the teleport waypoint close to the headquarters as shown on the map above. Jump from the tower towards the windmill, the hamper is on the top balcony of the windmill.

Fecund Blessing Four

This is located on the riverbank of Cider Lake, south of the city gates. There is a teleport point close by as shown on the map above. Travel north-west from the teleport towards the riverbank and you'll see the hamper.

Fecund Blessing Five

Travel north of the lower city waypoint indicated in Mondstadt. Walk north of this and the hamper will be right of the archway, guarded by a knight.

Fecund Blessing Six

This hamper is located within the library in Mondstadt. Travel to the Knights of Favonius headquarters to the library within. The hamper is immediately right of the door.

 Fecund Blessing Seven

Travel immediately west of the telepoint waypoint on Starfell Lake. The hamper is behind a broken-down wagon on the side of the road.

Fecund Blessing Eight

This hamper is almost directly west of Fecund Blessing Seven. Journey to the lake-side dock here and the hamper will be set amongst an outcrop of rocks.

How to join The Feast in Full Swing quest

Genshin Impact The Feast In Full Swing quest
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The Feast in Full Swing is phase four of the Ballad and Brews event. Completing all three phases of the event will result in players receiving the Missive Windspear Polearm.

To take part in the event you must be Adventurer Rank 21 or over and must have completed the 'Song of Dragon and Freedom' Prologue Archon Quest.

You must also complete the story quest 'Lupus Minor Chapter: Act 1 The Meaning of Lupical'.

Where is the Spring Fairy?

Genshin Impact: Spring Fairy Location
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The Spring Fairy is one of the more elusive clues in the Genshin Impact of Ballad and Brews event. The clue leads to a Fecund Blessing but is part of the 'When Music Sounds' branch of the quest.

The clue you must follow is " I have left my honest well-wishes beside the spring fairy."

As the vaguest of all clues in this quest, it can be a tricky one to solve. The answer is to journey to Springvale, the settlement south of Mondstadt.

The hamper is located above the pond in this area on a rocky outcrop.

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